Romance visual novel Senren Banka A Thousd Colors of Love co

Publisher NekoNyan and developer Yuzusoft will releaseromance visual novelSenren Banka: A Thousand Colors of LoveforSwitchviaNintendoeShop on May 26 for 3,995 yen, the companiesannounced.

Senren Bankafirst launched for PC on July 29, 2016 in Japan, followed by PC viaSteamon February 14, 2020 worldwide.

It is currently unclear whether the Switch version will also be available in the west.

Here is an overview of the story, via itsSteam page:

Deep in the mountains lies Hoori, a small village so remote that no trains stop there. Due to its isolation, it has resisted the spread of civilization. However, its rustic charm and hot springs have transformed it into a famous tourist destination.

One of the villages biggest draws is the divine blade Murasamemaru, stuck in a stone from which no one has been able to pull it out of until our protagonist Arichi Masaomi manages to break it in half.

Before he can even come to grips with what just happened, hes forced to make amends for what hes done.

How, you might ask? By marrying the villages shrine maiden, of course!

Hes already in way over his head, but this i just the start of his mysterious and unfathomable new life in this village.

Masaomi then goes on to meet his new fiance, discovers an enigmatic and strange girl that only he can touch, and begins to learn about the curse afflicting the village of Hoori.

Amidst this hectic new life, who will he set his heart on? The answers he seeks lie within the legendary sword in his hands.

June 6 @ 11:00 pm-June 7 @ 12:00 amEDT

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