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If you are looking for a Romance Manga with a strong female lead, I have several suggestions for you. I divided this list into Romance Manhwa and Manga recommendations, where the girl can fight or has a strong mentality. Here is an overview. If you like what you see, scroll down for a summary and more info on the Manga or Manhwa.

Romance Manga where the girl can fight overview:

Romance Manga with strong female lead (mentally) overview:

Romance Manhwa with a badass female lead who can fight overview

The way to protect the female leads older brother

Romance Manhwa with a mentally strong female lead overview

If there are some Romance Mangas with a strong female lead you havent read yet, scroll down for a review and reasons to read or not to read the Manga. These recommendations are not ranked, I just listed my suggestions. At the end of this article, you will find additional suggestions without summaries and short reviews though.

Romance Manga where the girl can fight

May I Ask For One Final Thing? (Saigo ni Hitotsu dake Onegai shitemo Yoroshii deshou ka)

(c) Hoonoki, Sora; Ootori, Nana/ AlphaPolis Web Manga

Summary: Scarlet el Vandiminion is a total badass. Many Villainess Mangas start off with the villainess being humiliated or blamed for ridiculous things just as this one. There is one big difference though: When Kyle von Pallistan, the second prince wants to break off the engagement with Scarlet she is not fazed at all, and on top of that annihilates every noble who got on her nerves or did something wrong.

Scarlet has a special ability that lets her manipulate time, thats why her punches are so fast and powerful. Her nickname is Mad Dog Princess and she is one of the strongest female leads I encountered in a Shoujo.

get a kick out of seeing annoying characters being beaten up

like to read a Romance Manga with gorgeous art

love to read a Shoujo with a really badass female lead and many fight scenes

Romance Manga with a strong female lead: Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!

Summary: Tomo Aizawa and Junichirou Kubota are best friends since childhood. They both love Karate, spar, and fight with each other. There are two problems though: Tomo is in love with Jun and on top of that Jun is extremely dense. Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko is about Tomo desperately trying to get out of the bro zone.

Tomo is a tomboy who always got along great with guys because she is physically very strong and can keep up with them. She also protects her female friends with her strength.

dont mind reading a four-panel Manga

like seeing a tomboy try being more girly for her crush (and failing most of the time, cause thats not her style)

love it when the MCs have a hilarious dynamic

Summary: This Manga is about boxing and two young kids who are very passionate about it. In the first chapter, Yae Saotome confesses her love for Satoru Tsukishima. Both are in the boxing club of their school. Satoru rejects her confession at first because he wants Yae to focus on her boxing matches and he is also concerned because she is way more skilled than he is. After their coach finds out about Yaes feelings he assigns her to be Satorus Coach and their wholesome romance beings.

Yae Saotome is the Kanto regions Female Featherweight Champion. She is physically very strong and has fast reflexes. She constantly works out and is an icon in the ring.

like it when the MCs have to hide their relationship

want to read epicly drawn fighting scenes

love it when the MCs help each other push their limits

How to treat a lady knight right strong female lead recommendation 4

(c) Matsumoto, Kengo/ Suiyoubi no Sirius

Let me summarize this Manga for you: uncomfortable silence? Abs. Evil antagonist? Abs. Hopeless situation? Abs. Abs are the answer to everything in this Manga. Im kidding of course but they use that as comedic relief pretty often.

Here is the real summary: Leo Cornelia is the strongest knight in the land and is known as the undefeatable Holy Blade. Because of that, she has zero experience with love. This is why she is startled when sorcerer Houli Dent suddenly confesses his love for her and treats her like a woman. How to Treat a Lady Knight Right is a story about Cornelia and her many quests including the quest of accepting her feminine side.

Leo Cornelia is undefeated and the strongest knight in her realm. She has many special skills and attacks and constantly crushes her opponents.

dont mind very slow progress with the story and some lose ends even after completion

love it when the characters blush all the time

like weird armor and outfit choices for the women in this Manga (how is this not Ecchi?)

Shoujo with a strong female lead: Heroine Hajimemashita

Summary: Shuko Kodakamine is extremely strong because she is really good at judo. But with her enrollment in high school she wants to leave that behind and experience more girly things. On the first day, she meets Serizawa-kun a popular boy who got tangled up in a misunderstanding. Shuko helps him and after that Serizawa asks her to protect him and he will help her become a popular girl.

Shuko carries the male lead around and is extremely strong. She becomes his bodyguard and doesnt mind kicking people.

like it when the male lead is the first one who treats the female lead as a girl

love it when the popular guy falls for the underdog. Do you want more recommendations like this? Check out my list:Romance Manga where popular guy falls for unpopular girl.

dont mind some standard Shoujo plots: male lead getting sick, hiding under the blanket, and so on

Manga where the girl can fight: Boarding School Juliet

(c) Shounen Magazine/Kaneda Yousuke

Summary: „Boarding School Juliet is the story of Romeo and Juliet as a comic and of course: Japanese style. Romio and Juliet are the main characters. They go to the same school and are both the leaders of their respective houses: Romio Inuzuka is the leader of the „Black Doggies and Juliet Persia is the leader of the „White Cats. Both houses are not on good terms with each other and constantly fight. That is why Romio and Juliet have to hide their relationship.

Juliet is very strong herself and even wins fights against the boys. She is the leader of the White Cats and everybody looks up to her. She is not depicted as totally op, but she is still a strong female lead in my opinion.

want to read a Manga where they get together very early (although the progress is still slow)

like it, when the MCs have many fans and admirers and dont mind additional love interests

love it when the main couple is in a secret relationship

Additionally, some older Manga with a strong female lead to check out if you dont know them yet:

Summary: Izumi is in high school and has to deal with unfortunate events since he was a child. He would often get into accidents and come home injured. After dating Shikimori that changed because she took it upon herself to be his guardian. She loves Izumi very much and thats why she becomes fierce when he gest threatened.

This one already got answered in the summary: Shikimori is very tough when it comes to Izumi but also tries to overcome her fears and insecurities so she is a very strong female lead.

like it when the MCs are together throughout the whole Manga

love to see the usual dynamic reversed: the female lead is the cool and strong one who protects her boyfriend

From weak to strong: 8 Akatsuki no Yona

Summary: Yona is a sheltered princess who knows very little about the harsh reality outside the castle walls. But one day her whole world gets thrown upside down: her beloved cousin Su-won stages a coup and kills her father in the process. Together with her bodyguard Son Hak Yona barely escapes the castle walls. As they travel Yona slowly comes out of her shell and awakens the power that is hidden within her with the help of the four legendary dragons.

Romance Manga with a strong female lead: Why is this on the list?

Yona starts out being pretty sheltered and weak but pretty quickly tries to channel her inner strength. There is no challenge or danger she isnt willing to face to reach her goal or protect the people she loves.

dont mind when the female lead is in love with someone else first

love it when the a Manga has it all: comedy, drama, action and so on

like to read a Shoujo Manga with a very ambivalent antagonist

Romance Manga with a strong female lead:  9 Queens Quality

Summary: Queens Quality is a continuation of QQ Sweeper, so in order to get the full story you should start with that. The story revolves around Fumi Nishioka and Kyutaro Horikita. They are both „Sweepers who can travel into the minds of people and help them overcome their negative thoughts sometimes they are even possessed. Want to read more about Queens Quality? Check out this list:Shoujo without tropes.

Romance Manga with strong female lead: Why is this on the list?

Fumi has a very special ability: She is destined to be the Queen of the Sweepers. She is strong-willed and isnt swayed by negative emotions. Fumi is truly a strong female lead.

like to read a Shoujo without too many tropes

love it when the mcs need to work together and really depend on each other

like reading a Manga with a very interesting premise: the corruption of the mind

Summary: Noragami is a supernatural Manga that revolves around the lives of Yato and Hiori. Yato is a pretty unknown deity but his biggest dream is to have his own shrine. Thats why he takes on jobs for five yen. One day he gets entangled with Hiori when she tries to save a cat and her soul leaves her body. Yato promises her to fix that problem for five Yen of course. And so their relationship begins.

Romance Manga with strong female lead: Why is this on the list?

Hiori loves watching wrestling shows and even when her soul leaves her body she still fights the ayakashi (corrupted souls) without fear. She also constantly tries to protect and help Yato which makes her a pretty strong female lead in my opinion.

like to read a romance between a human and a god and the complications that come with that

love having an ambivalent male lead: he seems sloppy and silly sometimes but is also really badass and strong

Niehime To Kemono No Ou recommendation 11

(c) Magazine pocket Narita/ Ryohgo Shiraume, Nazuna

Summary: Saliphie is supposed to become a human sacrifice for the King of the Beasts in another realm, that coexists with the human realm. Even when facing death Saliphie doesnt show any fear. This is why the king starts to like her and takes her as her consort. But not everyone in the beast-realm approves of their relationship.

Romance Manga with a strong Why is this on the list?

Saliphie is a mentally very strong female lead. With her positivity and willpower, she overcomes any obstacle that is thrown her way while trying to reach her goal: protecting and staying close to the king. Although the king is physically strong he still really needs her support.

like it when the female lead slowly convinces her critics with her positive attitude

love it when the MCs touch each other often (they already cuddle in chapter one)

like to read a Manga between species: he is half-human, half beast and she is a human

Romance Manhwa with a badass female lead a strong girl who can fight

Beware the Villainess a truly badass female lead

Official summary tapas: Sit back and take in this romantic tale of an angelic and her devoted suitors as they vie for the depths of her love or not. This storys about to go through some edits! After an accident, a modern-day college student awakens as the storys villainess, Melissa Foddebrat. Shes far from anyones favorite, but she IS the daughter of the duke. Determined to live it up, this new Melissa is doing things her way antiquated society, be damned! All idiots, prepare to step aside or perish!

Melissa really doesnt around. She takes it upon herself to teach every annoying male lead a lesson and show them their toxic behaviour. And she does so ruthlessly and violently.

dont mind a pretty late start for the Romance

want to get many new Manhwa-reaction-Memes

love it when the female lead is really kind to her friends but completely crushes her opponents

The way to protect the female leads older brother

© Kakao Entertainment Corp. / Baek Jiyeon / Kin

Summary: Roxana belongs to a villainous family of assassins: the Agriches. As she got reincarnated she know the course of the story and tries to prevent her own death by saving the life of the s brother Cassis Pedelian. Want to read more villainous-Manhwa where the villainess is actually a villainess? Check out this list:Villainess Manwa.

Although Roxana doesnt really fight, I still placed this recommendation here because she has her poisonous butterflies that do the dirty work for her. She has to feed them her own blood, which makes her pretty badass in itself but she is also pretty ruthless.

want to read a Romance Manhwa with godlike art (get more recommendations here:

dont mind a story with very violent characters and moderate gore

like to see the female lead stand up for herself in a toxic environment

The lady and the beast Manhwa where the girl can fight

Official summary on tappytoon: „Following a life of bloodshed and heartbreak, the great Empress Martina is reborn as Astina, the genius daughter of a humble count. But her peaceful world is shattered when bankruptcy forces her father to marry her off to the dangerous Archduke Atalenta. All of high society knows him as Terriod the Beast because of a family curse that turned him into a wild monster. Despite these awkward circumstances, can the new power couple join hands to rule over the archduchy? (I shortened it a bit, cause it reveals too much in my opinion)

Astina is a badass and competent female lead. She can fight (although this is only shown in the beginning) and can tame a „beast a feast which no one could do before her.

like it when the male lead is the first one to fall in love

dont mind if the female lead is very cold towards the male lead

love to read a Manhwa with unique art

The Taming of the Tyrant where the female lead is a strong knight

Official summary on tapas: „All Charlize Ronan ever wanted was to bring honor to her family. But instead, she is forced into becoming a living sword a mere tool for the emperors. It is from this hell that she prays for justice and awakens in her former body. Now, determined to tear down this horrible empire, Charlize seeks out the young prince, Dylan Blade. She will put him on the throne, not as an honorable ruler, but as a tyrant. It is time for Charlize to tame the one who will bring forth her revenge.

Charlize is unrivaled in strength and every knight looks up to her. She is also pretty fierce, gives commands, and works for her goals. She also takes care of assassins by herself.

like it when the female lead is very confident and loves to get revenge

love it when the male lead calls the female lead master and is desperate for her attention

dont mind when the female lead is pretty unapproachable

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc./ VOKIVORMOK

Summary: Kira and August are the protagonists in this Webtoon. They are childhood friends but Kira doesnt remember their time together. They both go to the same school and Kira is on the disciplinary committee. In the first chapter, Kiras finds roses and a plushy in her locker and thinks that August is her stalker. Although thats not true, he lets her believe that to get closer to her. Read here: (webtoons).

In order not to spoil you, I cant go into too much detail but just trust me that Kira is the most op character in this Webtoon. She is also shown in action many times and not only the students fear her.

dont mind the Amnesia-trope (Kira doesnt remember her past with August)

love it when the MCs bicker a lot and have a pretty rough dynamic

like reading a hilarious Webtoon with vampires, werwolves and humans

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc/ Lina Im / Jeonghyeon Kim

Official summary on Webtoons: „When vampires destroy her chance to have the normal life shes always wanted, Hayan is forced to draw on her darkest secret to rid the world of the merciless hunters that took it over 10 years ago. With the support of a rising star in the local police force, Hayan steps up to protect her loved ones, face her past, and get her revenge.

Hayan is the last pureblood vampire and therefore extremely strong. She is very badass and crushes her opponents by force.

dont mind a very late start for Romance. It isnt the main focus in White Blood

love reading a story with angst and drama

like it when a Webtoon has many antagonists and the female lead works herself up to the main one

(c) Rada, Ssalsoup, Yasan, Lemon Frog

Crimson Karma is on almost every list you find out there with a strong female lead and it is true that she is very strong. She can fight and commands the special force in the army, but doesnt really show any feelings because she sees herself only as a soldier. I loved Crimson Karma at first and would still recommend it, but it is getting on my nerves that many male main characters fall for her for no apparent reason. The art isnt topnotch, but still good. I would recommend reading it, if you dont mind a very cold female lead and some questionable plot-choices.

Romance Manhwa and Webtoons with a strong female lead

I Shall Master this Family Manhwa with a strong female lead

ⓒ Mon(Antstudio), Kim Roah 2021 / D&C WEBTOON Biz

Official summary on tapas: „The great Lombardi family was once at the top of the empire. After the death of its patriarch, the fate of the family and that of Firentia, born from a Lombardi and a peasant, fall to ruin at the hands of her useless and cruel cousins. But when shes reincarnated as her seven-year-old self, shell work to protect the familys honor, gain her grandpa Lulacs favor, and prevent her own fathers death. In this lifetime, theres only one way for her to win: become the head of their mighty household.

Firentia is the perfect strong female lead. Although she doesnt fight she is still very badass. Her quest to take over the Lombardi family is believable and she works tirelessly to achieve her goal. I really love her and the story is the best of the best so far.

like seeing adults being startled by a little girl

love reading a story about the most lovable Manhwa-Dad in history

like reading a perfect story with perfect art (yes Im fangirling for this one)

Official summary on tapas: „The spunky Lady Dillion didnt realize she was the villain of a romance novel until she encounters Marquess Cedric. Seeing him jogs a dormant memory of the novels plot, in which her beloved younger sister dies in childbirth after marrying Cedric. Determined to prevent this, Dillion marries him herself, but what fate awaits her when she knows hes meant to fall in love with the real female lead later? In this marriage of convenience, it seems nothing turns out quite how either of them expects

Romance Manhwa with a strong female lead: Why is this on the list?

Although Dillion is a noble daughter she doesnt really behave that way she just does whatever she likes. Dillion stands up for herself and is not a pushover.

love it when the MCs have a hilarious dynamic they bicker a lot

like it when the characters dont behave like you expect them to

love reading about a very unique and hilarious stepmother

The princess imprints a traitor Romance Manhwa with a strong female lead

Summary: This is one of the first time-reversal Manhwa where they actually explain how and why the reversal takes place. This story is about Evenrose and her quest to reform the system of the palace: By convincing her father to make her the next heir she wants to abandon slavery and give the homunculi a better life. The male lead is Michael a homunculus that becomes her personal knight.

In her first life, Evenrose was a pushover and couldnt really stand up for herself. With her second chance, she completely changes that. She becomes mentally strong and joins the fight for the succession with her siblings while still being very kind.

like it when the male lead is the bodyguard of the female lead

love reading about a female lead that is really kind and has a huge goal: abandoning slavery

like it when the male lead is pretty distrusting at first but slowly becomes fond of the female lead

Midnight Poppy Land Romance Webtoon with a strong female lead

© WEBTOON Entertainment Inc. / Lilydusk

Official summary on Webtoons: „After making a grisly discovery in the countryside, a small town book editors life gets entangled with a young Mafia lord and his intimidating bodyguardeven as every step she takes draws her deeper into the dangerous underworld of the city.

Although Poppy seems very girly she is pretty strong. She fights for her believes even in the face of danger. She starts off pretty insecure but gets stronger and stronger as the story goes on. Want to read more about MPL? Check out my review:Midnight Poppy Land.

love it when the main characters dont mind swearing and tease each other a lot

like it when the MCs live in two different worlds as Tora belongs to the Mafia

love it when the female lead is the safe haven for the male lead

Villainess in Love Manhwa with strong female lead

Official summary on tapas: „So Ive become Yunifer Magnolia, the villainess whos crazed with jealousy that Duke Ishid Lucrenze, the devastatingly handsome hero, has eyes only for Raelle, Yunifers best friend. Yunifer torments Raelle so much that Yunifers killed off at the end. But IM Yunifer now. UGH! Good news is, Ive reincarnated a year before her tragic end, so theres time to make sure Ishid and Raelle have a fairy tale ending (and I stay alive). Bad news is, I got drunk and woke up with Ishid next to me. Crap.

Yunifer is a very strong water mage and her underlings really depend on her. Despite that, she always voices her opinion and stands up for herself.

like reading a Manhwa with steamy scenes

love it when the male lead has slow self-esteem despite his op-ness

dont mind when the story doesnt follow a clear goal (right now we dont really know what the focus of the plot is)

Official summary on tappytoon: „From childhood, Artezia Rosans happiness was dependent on ensuring the success of her brother. As a master manipulator and schemer, she became his most valuable ally in seizing the empires throne. Thats exactly why her brothers betrayal cut so deeply when Artezia was imprisoned as punishment for all of her crimes. Soon after being rescued by Grand Duke Cedric Ebron, she vows to help him overthrow the cruel new emperor by sacrificing her own life with forbidden magic. Now waking up several years earlier back in time, she will forsake her own family to help Cedric at all costs. They say that blood is thicker than water, but can Artezia destroy her brother while her own romance blossoms amidst the chaos? Based on the hit novel.

Romance Manhwa with a strong female lead: Why is this on the list?

Although no one would expect that from her appearance alone Artezia is pretty ruthless. She is constantly scheming and always has the bigger picture in mind. She also doesnt mind manipulating others.

like seeing the female lead deal with her opponents in a satisfying and calculating way

dont mind when the Romance is pretty slow they are both shy

love it when the other gives you many reasons to hate on the antagonists (her motheroh god)

(c) Tapas Media / SUOL, Gwon Gyeoeul

Official summary on tapas: „This games got me obsessed! Its like its taken over my life waitHARD MODE ACTIVATED. No-no-no-no-no! It has literally taken me and thrown me into the part of Penelope Eckhart. Love is easy as the , but as the hated villainess, Im trying very hard not to die at the hands of my brothers the prince a fork every possible ending is death! This world is stacked against me, but can my wits and insider game knowledge score the affection of these male characters? Or the reset button???

Although Penelopes plan is to survive and she has to accept some humiliating things from her surroundings, she is still a very strong female lead in my opinion. She tries to change her fate and although she isnt ruthless she slowly crawls out of her shell and stands up for herself.

dont mind when everyone treats the female lead very poorly in the beginning

love to read a Manhwa with really gorgeous art

like it when you dont really know who the male lead is

Romance Manga/Manhwa with a strong female lead

Here are some additional suggestions to check out, if you know all of the above:

I havent read all of them from start to finish yet, but believe me, I have skimmed them for you and have done my research. They are all Manhwa with strong female leads:

Your throne (dont read this one for the romance though)

As you wish Prince (she is supposed to be OP, but doesnt fully use her potential)

Emperor And The Female Knight (the female lead is really badass in this one, but it is historically accurate. What I mean is: the emperor has to take concubines)

Manhwa where the female lead is strong mentally (scheming, standing up for herself, or just being ruthless)

Charlotte has five disciples (although Charlotte is a powerful mage she isnt really shown in action thats why I put her on this list and not the above)

Aidin (supposed to be an assassin, but not really shown)

Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp

I became the villainous emperor of a novel

I would really love to read your feedback on my article or the whole site. Is there something thats confusing? Should I change the style of my lists? Should I add something? Please leave a comment or write me a message at[emailprotected]. I would be really happy to get your input.

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