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Until he became the lowest-ranked master, his lonely and luckless life never changed.

Suddenly one day, a descendant injected him with a nanomachine, and the machine started speaking to him.

This was beyond the boys knowledge, he turned pale.

The Nanomachine linked to his cerebrum realized the User was not understanding a single word it said.

Who are you, and why are you doing this to me?

Mashin was the deity the Mashin Religion worshipped, along with the Sacred Fire.

The religions Master communicated with Mashin.

The boy knelt down and asked with a trembling voice. At this, the Nanomachine attached to his cerebrum realized it had been misunderstood.

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I personally enjoyed it and if giving a description Id say its a bit like Warlock of the Magus World but rather than being magic/fantasy its wuxia/xianxia. If giving a spoiler free description Id say its a weak to strong korean novel where MC initially relies on their wits to get by and later on as power creep grows basically becomes untouchable. The MC has a bit of a ruthless/pragmatic streak that I imagine would split audiences that some people will approve of while it will horrify others. So if


you like your MCs to be saints or pure-hearted then this isnt the novel for you.

Decided to drop the novel for several reasons. Forced romance by the author, forced s*upidtity for MC to get a power up, r*pe because The girl was going to die and needed it!.

Just like reverend insanity, the novel is sometimes very gruesome in its descriptions. I dont mind as I have enjoyed Reverend very much. Though my qualms begin here.

Starting around chapter 300 ish, we MC finds a cave laced with what we assume is firepowder Basically some explosive powder that will ignite when theres fire. Author says that the MC assumes it isnt against them since the godly doctor couldve set it up Plot twist it was a trap. After him dealing with the supposedly Cunning Lady Mu Youd assume hed be more suspicious with stuff like this. Plus with Nano to inform him before hand its actually quite amazing. So cave explodes and his team is injured as well, they think he dies and he gets blasted into a canyon with the legacy of the impossible skill that combines 2 of the godly arts he already uses. Fi

The romance between Mun Ku and MC started off as He knows Im a girl and A girl is staying in my room Not much progress in this where the only memorable time is where Mun Ku had to say she was MCs woman because of plot. Cut to a hundred chapters later they go to an inn and ask for rooms. Only room they have is a 2-person room with only 1 bed. Side Characters egg MC on to share the room with Mun Ku. The clownery of it all is that it felt so forced that I just had to skip the few chapters of the banter.

It started feeling more like some chinese wuxia harem novel here. Random power up through danger, women starting to fall in love with MC because he has authority and power + looks. They come across some dude who says he needs yang-attributed medicine for his sister but he cannot get any since they killed the daughter of the divine doctor (Cause she had stockholm syndrome towards the pirates that kidnapped here). When it said Yang- attributed I had a faint feeling in my heart itd be bad. We cut to the chase with the legend of infinite yin qi and only MC being able to seal her blood points cause hes the strongest among them.

Blah blah blah, they bring her to the godly doctor and doctor explains her yin qi is coming from the v*gina and that to solve her Blocked veinssomeonewith powerful yang qi has to mate with her. Top 5 powerful dad comes busting in cause he thinks his children were kidnapped, finds out his daughter might die, gets told she needs to be f*cked and begs MC to save his daughter.

Mind you, Mun Ku is already crying and MC said it himself he must love only 1 wife to not repeat the tragedy in the cult but foreshadowing already gave us 2 more harem members for f*cks sake. Nano for some reason can only do birth control and not let the girl get pregnant yet for being far into the future cant even think of placing his semen in a container and just injecting it into her v*gina or whatever. Turns out as MC is r*ping the girl, he gets another power-up by consuming and combining the some of the yin-qi with his energy and he goes up to the next martial level.

Then some nuances like MRI scans still being called MRI scans after Nano is somehow from the far future. How Nano says there are millions of nanobots inside of MC yet we dont know its power source nor know how nanobots dont get out when MC loses some of his blood. Some points of this novel feels like your generic chinese harem novel. Dont get me started on

Generic plot twist that dad was never the bad guy and that he was mind-controlled/going crazy and couldnt help MC

Overall, Novel was great when it talked about MCs climb to power, probably couldve ended after he became lord. Novel got significantly worse with what came next though. Poor worldbuilding and no consistent information when one of the clans he subordinated has spies everywhere yet doesnt know the righteous paths and evil paths power hierarchy. Read up till he becomes lord, then finish with a good taste in your mouth.

It was overall a pretty good story until the events in chapter 329, then it rapidly dropped to tr*sh. Also as of chapter 329 story needs a r*pe trigger warning tag added.

The story was going well until the author felt the need to include the r*ping a sleeping woman for her own good storyline. MC basically encounters new characters and within 10 chapters the only way to save her life is to r*pe her while she is asleep. If you think this is distasteful though dont worry, the author pretty much fills a few chapters about how her brother and father are total cool with him r*ping their sister/daughter and that MCs main girl is total fine with it just this once. Incase that didnt convince you he also includes a rather large chunk about how MC is such a good person for r*ping her. The basic interaction between him and new girl is : Beat her up Knock her out Crew decides only way to save her is for the MC to r*pe her while she is unconsciousShe wakes up mid r*pe tied down and immobilized Thinks to herself MC is such a good person for r*ping her MC gets power up. Look yes I know r*pe actually happens and used to be common, My issue moreso lay in how the author has attempted to frame the MC as being a hero for r*ping an unconscious girl. If you wanna include r*pe then do it. Just dont try to find reasons for your r*pe fetish scene to be heroic. Its not.

First : The MC has s*x with a girl in a coma because she is about to die, he doesnt want to do it, and the only reason he does it is because the father and brother of the girl are literally begging him to do it. I dont know about you, but r*pe is still preferable than dying and is not even as


if he decides to just forgget about that, he decides to take responsability and marry the girl.

Second : Is it silly? Yes, but is a trope in wuxia stories, with the Yin and Yan qi and all that shit, there is even a manga where andorgynus plant people f*ck each other so they can gather more Qi and become stronger (Hells Paradise, pretty good). Its something established in Asian mythology and the this novel just uses it in one of the most tame ways Ive ever seen, Vanilla hentai has more r*pe than this novel.

And f*cking Thrid: People here are saying that they are disgusted because the MC has s*x with a woman to save her life, but they clearly have no problem when the same MC kills and horrible tortures hundreds of people, ens*aves his enemies, breaks the neck of a widower in front ot her baby, and is the leader of a f*cking cult that has DEMONIC in the name.

All was well until the the r*pe incident. That was totally out of character for the MC who so insisted to abide by his principles. He broke it for whom? A complete stranger he met not more than days ago. Imagine two lovers, girl and boy who suddenly ran across a dying stranger and for them to save him the girl had to r*pe him, RIGHT INFRONT OF THE BOY. Does that make sense? If put into perspective this just breaks any common sense and it did which led me


And for the guy who said MC did a lot more horrific thing than this like torturing and killing I will say this, do you expect your enemy to talk by showering them with flower and candy? The most logical method to get answer is torture unless you can read mind and the quickest method to eliminate threat is to neutralize the said threat. As for r*ping a complete stranger? Only degenerates can find logic in that.

I would have given this three or four stars. Not because it is super original or anything, but its a pretty solid cultivation revenge story. I will start off with the things I liked, before I go into why I dropped it to 2 stars.

I like the opening premise in that the MC is native to the world he is in (and not just some transmigrator who adapts unrealistically well). The sci-fi aspect of some time traveler giving him nano-machines (to be his cheat system) is kind of interesting, and alludes to a potentially promising larger plot (although I have a sinking suspicion that the story will deteriorate before it gets to that). I wish the author had continued some of the MCs early confusion with modern terms, because that was kind of funny, but oh well, its not bad.

The demonic cult set up and revenge backstory are decently engaging. It didnt feel like every challenge he faced there was completely unoriginal, even if there were quite a few cliches. The fulfillment of his revenge for his mother was a bit underwhelming though. It felt like there was a ton of set up and a seemingly mysterious female villain, but then it wrapped up way too quickly. I think the author wanted to move on


to larger plot points so they just kind of got the revenge over with. Thats not to say the face-slapping and revenge slaughtering wasnt at all satisfying, it did have some good moments. But it was too easy, even for an unabashedly OP protagonist, which was a waste of all the set up (Especially the, like, two chapter montage of his dads side of things that was used to explain all the things the author hadnt revealed yet. That was a lot of backstory crammed into a short flashback).

But, what makes the somewhat weak revenge okay is that the larger plot the author moves onto is relatively decent. I like the main enemy that is coming out, and the transition into a wider world outside the cult keeps things from stagnating too much.

What WAS going to push this to possibly four stars before becoming a complete downer, is the romance. At first the story seemed surprisingly low key in this regard. Yes, there were some cliche harem candidates scattered about, but it definitely wasnt a big focus. Also the MC seemed to be taking on some unusual-for-the-genre monogamous vibes, swearing that he would only have one wife to avoid the tragic fate of his mother. It would have been better if the author hadnt pretended, because then I would have just tried to ignore the harem and would have been less disappointed. And BOY WAS I DISAPPOINTED.

His short lived monogamy was rushed from the start. I didnt hate the girl or anything (she was definitely the best of the female characters introduced at that point). But... they got together shortly into the MCs first excursion out of the cult. Because they are at an inn without many rooms... and one of the MCs minions sets the two of them up to share one of the two rooms they managed to get... which conveniently only had one bed... fade to black.

Like... okaaaay. You couldnt come up with something better than that? He has known this girl for several years, they essentially went to school together and have had many opportunities to get together. It seemed like the only reason they hadnt was a) the MC was focusing on cultivation and b) the MC seemed to want to be careful about who he married (and only wanted to marry for love - he specifically said this) since it would impact the cult a lot with him being the lord.

And yet, just because of the oh, theres only one bed trope, they have to bang. Like, he didnt even seem that interested? But okay, whatever, the author is clearly a wizard so fine. At least it wasnt super in your face and the story moved on.

But heres the REAL kicker. Barely a few days later, they end up encountering the biggest cliche of cultivation romance. The Female Martial Artist with too much Yin Energy, who can Only be Saved if she is F*cked by a Man and all his Yang Energy. So, you know, even if her reaaally wanted to stay monogamous, really, he cant just let her die, hell just have to Sacrifice Himself, oh, soooo noble. And his current girl is sad, but she understands, its totally necessary, so she gives him permission.

Oh, and of course the girl is totally unconscious and the Doctor makes sure to explain that if she wakes up and starts struggling he just has to keep going, even by force, because otherwise shell die. FYI, thats r*pe you guys. Not good.

Long story short: DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!! : (

When I first started reading I was prepared to ignore a harem to get my cliche OP protagonist in a cultivation world story fix, so to be cheated like this (especially with all the continued justifications for why the MC had no choice and it just Had to Happen) really ticked me off. Dont try to justify it, I dont care about your opinion, if you argue with me youre an incel loser, the end.

Anyway, even after that I did keep reading because there were only a few more translated chapters. I do actually like the next direction the story is taking, with

the imperial family getting involved.

There is definitely some potential there. But unfortunately I am so disappointed by what I ranted about in that really long spoiler earlier that I am probably never going to pick this up again. So yeah, 2 stars, and only because I am feeling generous.

Boring and flat MC. Typical MC who is mistreated and grows up with the intention to avenge something. That would be great except I cant really feel his hatred in how he acts. I think his reaction to the nano machine was supposed to be comedic and funny, but I just found it very flat and boring. . - Said by one reviewer.

Adding onto this, the story plot has many loopholes, especially how the power system is designed. I mean instructors weaker than cadet. Lol.A total let down I say.

It started good like every other novel.. But went down during half the way.. God.. the writing is so bad and repetitive. Everytime the hero does something to villains therell be a line an unbelievable thing happened at that moment. And the hero repeats the same f*cking thing he did few chapters ago. Its really cringe and so childish. Almost every character repeats the sentence He is a monster Or Is he a monster Or You... Monster.. I get it respected author.. The hero is a monster. You dont


have to remind me that every 10 pages.. And doesnt the villains dont talk to each other or something... why those f*cking villains never plans anything and always gets awed by seeing the same f*cking powers (ex. Air sword) of hero and calls him monster then loses an arm or head. And another weird thing is that portraying the hero as some kind of political genius. The f*ck?? He just give some weird s*upid decisions and the villains and allies goes Oh he is not only good at fighting but also very good at politics.. duh.. When the f*ck did that happen??? The most horrible part is the second female lead.. As usual cliche, she is suffering from some great disease that no one in the world can cure but only one person.. Guess who?? Our hero.. And how? To have s*x with her. It is the only way and hero has to sacrifice his liquid.. Wow what a sacrifice.. Until the moment he is a person who never deviated from his moral to love and marry only one woman because of his mothers death and few chapters later he is planning to marry her to get the girls father to his side.. f*cking hypocrite... The only good part is how he does things.. At least he is not a psycho killer.

Man only if the second half of the novel is as good as the first half this wouldve been on the top 10 of my list.. But the moment author makes cringe reasons for the hero to have s*x with another woman the novel dug its own grave...

It starts off great, then like a lot of novels, drops off in quality later on. After a certain point in the novel (when the MC becomes the cult leader) the overarching plot nosedives down a cliff. The story shouldve ended when he achieved his goal, but it pointlessly continues on with the author jerking off the MC, piling power-up after power-up on him and making him invincible. Its fine to have an insanely overpowered MC like Saitama from One Punch Man, but the author doesnt do it correctly. Theres


nothing interesting reading about enemies whore hyped up to be super strong but get defeated by the MC without a challenge.

For those who are forgiving the r*pe scene by saying that the MC had to r*pe the character to save her, because Yin and Yang. The author did not have to forcibly write that situation into the novel. It was basically to force the character, who said that they would never look pursue another woman, to be able have a harem. It was forced and horrible. This author easily could have written another way to save her or just not have a reason to save her in the first place.

The start was really good. Unlike the chinese martial arts novel I was able to get a better grasp of names and levels. Its not fast paced or go into too much details where you start questioning your sanity. I liked the story building, it had kept me curious till chapter 325.

But I couldnt give it 4 or 5 stars because around chapter 300 or so it didnt make sense, I didnt like the way MC behaved. He was OP, I get it, all thanks to nano. Even with the


highest level up if theres no nano, he wont be able to do half the stuff hes doing now. I believe he dont deserve to get Chen mas inheritance. Power clouded his rational thinking and made him a monster who kills people just because.

The reason he annihilated six clans because they poisoned his mother, so all that revenge stuffs. But he killed Godly doctors daughter because she refused to support him (which I find no problem at all, imagine some nut head comes and kills your husband and people you are close to, I too would go against him. Although she was kidnapped she had come to like the people around her and built a family with them. So I understand her reason.) But the MC killed her making her baby orphan. Whats the difference between him and the six clans? He became unreasonable with power clouding his head.

And for the romance part it was ridiculous. There was no progressive development shown between the leads. And it just straight away went to confession and did the deed. But then the Cold blood blockage part made me completely drop it. I wouldnt support that kind of behaviour no matter what. He forced her, even if everyone agreed to it, I couldnt read past it.

The novel is set in Korean murim world i.e. a wuxia because korean novels are either wuxia or xuanhuan but no xianxia buuuuuuut.... our beloved author doesnt know what seperated wuxia and xianxia and blurred the boundaries which killed it for me. Imma tell you what seperated wuxia from xianxia-

1. Internal energy doesnt matter at all in wuxia and only techniques matter. Yes internal energy matter to but its


only required to fuel the techniques and nothing else. NOTHING. BUT in this novel internal energy seems to rule above anything else. Come on dude its a wuxia do it properly for Gods sake

2. Epiphany in wuxia increases the level of techniques not internal energy goddamn it. But here MCs internal energy increases with each epiphany. HOW? Its natural energy how is your body that is only 20 y/o at most producing 60 years for internal energy every epiphany? HOW? If you pick a demographic please stick to it dont jump around.

5. And the fifth reason and the most annoying reson... bro I didnt know wuxia novels have ying yang concept and that in wuxia novels you can r*pe people to fix their yin constitution. Damn bro must have alzheimers cause I thought tHAT happened only in xianxias *SCUM CHE THATs RIGTH I AM TALKING BOUT YOU*

Boring and flat MC. Typical MC who is mistreated and grows up with the intention to avenge something. That would be great except I cant really feel his hatred in how he acts. I think his reaction to the nano machine was supposeed to be comedic and funny, but I just found it very flat and boring. The story telling is not very good. And MC is already so OP with the nano system it can literally do everything. Im surprised that it didnt directly forcefully take over MCs body


- Every character has a cardboard personality. Villains are villainous and MC has to crush them all one by one.

- The nanomachine idea was great, except its not well executed, its purely a crazy powerful ability used to bruteforce the solving of any problem.

I have read this novel almost to the end and I have to say that it follows a novel structure, the climax chapters were definitely the earlier ones where cunning and training were the main focuses. But immediately after graduation, there was very little actual plot involved. Just level-ups followed by level up, with a dash of romance (no real interaction between MC and love interest). Combined with everyone submitting when the MC looks their way. After which the MC is so clearly OP that creating a challenge becomes increasingly


ludicrous, both in-universe and out.

With the help of the nanobots, the MC quickly goes from almost dying to assassins as someone with no cultivation to rapidly rising in the ranks of the competition to become the heir to the demonic cult while snuffing out his rivals.

As time goes by he becomes more ruthless to those who get in his way and relentlessly pursues revenge for his mother who was poisoned to death when he was a child as he continues to become stronger.


quite a bit to get stronger (because why wouldnt he), he also uses his own head for scheming and also gains comprehensions on his own merit. Even when he seems to act rashly he often has a plan to make things end up in his favor without relying purely on plot armor (well the nanobots are the biggest plot armor anyway).

Overall a fairly decent MC, although besides being ruthless to his enemies and wanting revenge for his mother there isnt much notable about his personality.

He does have an odd fetish for cutting off peoples arms though.

As for side characters, they arent anything to write home about. Most of the time theyre just baggage that the MC doesnt actually need and only exist to fill up space on the page.

Especially Hu Bong, whos incredibly annoying yet ever-present throughout most of the novel, and has the vitality of a c*ckroach.

When it comes to romance, its also not anything special, but the MC does at least seal the deal, which is more than can be said for a lot of Korean protagonists.

While it personally doesnt bother me, if you dislike the MC having relationships outside of the main FL then you might want to give it a miss since he has s*x with another woman in the name of saving her from her extreme yin constitution. If youve read enough CNs then you know what Im talking about.

Got interested after reading the webtoon. Turns out I should have just waited. The webnovel, aside from being the average weak hero suddenly getting a power-up or system and turning OP and whopping those who looked down on them, has a HUGE problem with its writing.

First of all, its descriptions are super dry, something that I expect out of webnovels but it still really bugged me. It makes reading the story very boring. Theres way too much telling rather than showing, literally almost every emotion is explicitly told and then


told again when its obvious from what the character is saying. It was insulting and sucked any excitement from conflicts out because I felt like I was reading a story for kids.

Another issue I had with the writing is that it has a terrible sense of flow. It head hops too much. One moment were hearing what the MC thinks and seeing his point of view just to suddenly jump to his enemys pov and then right back. It feels like an entire chunk of writing is missing every time this happens. It was so bad that I had a minor headache trying to keep up with what was happening especially since everything is essentially one line long.

Im not criticizing the story, although its developments are generic, but the style and grammar instead. I knew what kind of tale I was getting into, a power fantasy. But, its just unreadable. I recommend skipping the novel and praying the webtoon releases faster.

OP ruthless MC - good side characters - satisfactory romance (come on, its korean-fantasy, you shouldnt have expected much from beginning) - very good world building - good story and story telling.

the premise is interesting even if I dont understand how he can be that kids direct ancestor (great++++grandfather or whatever) when he was about to die from a gut wound without having any children of his own. Little logic flaws aside, the whole nano machine angle was really intriguing.

Sadly, Im not too clear on the cultivation methods/ levels in this world. There hasnt been much explanation or exposition. Ive only read 100 chapters and so far the author is more interested in face slapping and building up the MCs followers


until the end of the 3rd test (which was around c90+) I thought they were still testing to officially become students at the school, and then the instructors said if they pass the 4th test within 4 years they could graduate and leave the school. Huh? So I guess theyd already been accepted and I missed it. Anyways, the MC has already gone from zero to Master level so hes already outgrown the school in the few weeks hes been there.

Im going to set this aside and maybe come back at a later date when Im in the mood for constant face slapping and politics. Maybe it will make more sense on the second read through.

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