Greek Mythology Test

The Greek gods and goddesses were a force to be reckoned with when compared to other gods. They governed them in different scenarios according to the history leading their people to a lot of success. What do you know about the gods of Olympus and what they did? Take the Greek Mythology Test below and get to find out!

Director of the feilds of punishment

Having to roll a rock up a hill and never get done

Helper of Charon who rows the dead across the Styx

Taking the apples from the Garden of Hesperides

Cleaning the dirty stables of King Augeas

This is a specifically fabricated test designed to assess how good you are with Greek mythology. The test is set out to gauge your knowledge with examples of the Greek culture, which have a wide range of fictional characters.

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If you could have one power what would it be?

Which Ancient Greek Mythological Creature Are You?

Which Ancient Greek Mythological Creature Are You?

Take this awesome Greek Mythological creature quiz to know which one of these you are! Centaur, Dryad, Pegasus, Satyrs, Siren, Griffin, Sphinx, Tritons, Chimera, or Gorgon?

In Random Magic, we meet nine sisters, who inspire great works of art. These are the Nine Muses. Which one of the Nine Muses is your alter ego? Find out!

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Your choice of book for a rainy day read would be:

A biography about a famous musician, or an opera libretto

A tragic story thats guaranteed to make you cry