Dear Benjamin

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You, you are mine since you signed the contract.

Isaac lived his entire life as a Beta before he became a recessive Omega at the peak of his adolescence. Four years ago, he had only one relationship with a dominant Alpha, the only experience he had as an omega. Then, while Isaac was hiding his Omega identity while running a small flower shop as a Beta, the arrogant but dazzlingly beautiful dominant Alpha Felix came in

An unfair contract is signed between Felix, a world-renowned arms dealer and a dangerous man connected to the mafia, and Isaac, an omega dreaming to live as a normal Beta as he runs from his past.

Never Marry a Man With Two Tintins(1)

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I first read the manga a few months ago. I had never heard of an omega verse before. The artwork regarding the mention is outstanding! The storyline is interesting, and the main couple is sexy!

Been reading the manhwa as the snanlations come out for the past few months now. Definitely go check it out as the story is a lot further ahead and its drawn beautifully. But also its just a really interesting/good story. Id love to read more of this! The translation is written rather well and the characters motivations are easier to understand compared the the manhwa. If the translator has the time, please continue translating the novel!

I read the manga last year, but I have not kept up. Yes it is very good. Unlike other yaoi mangas, webtoon or other, there is an intriguing plot outside of the romance/s*x aspect. This as my first mpreg manga. A strange concept, but hey its fantasy fiction. I agree the artwork is phenomenal!

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Im Your Huckleberry! A Redneck Isekai!