Amorous Save Girl

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Young Master Chen Ke has returned back home after studying at the Academy Of Classic Learning for 3 years

During these years, the 2nd Young Lady Chen Baoers s*ave girl Taoer has grown out to become an outstanding beauty whose appearance could suck out a mans soul

Chen Ke decides to go on the offensive towards her but it still doesnt produce any results

Unable to endure himself, he forces himself on Taoer one night

Follow Taoers journey as she is played with by this man, and more, before finally finding the person she loves and getting together with him!

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Dont read this novel if you cant handle hard scenes! Although theres a good ending, Taoer has to endure a lot before she reaches that!

Chen Ke is just a part of the novel and the author covers the relationships of various couples in the novel! The main focus is Taoers journey to finding her true man along with the scenes of the other characters going on side by side...

Shell suffer, a lot, however, in the end she gets together with the person she fells in love with, namely, General Han!

Taoer has a hidden backstory and also gets her freedom later.. She gets together with General Han who throws away his position to be with her!

To the people who misunderstand, netorare (ntr) is taken away by sleeping with. In this novel, the girl is not taken away by sleeping with as she does not belong to anyone at the start of novel, the individual that r*pes her is not the Main Character, the protagonist is the Female girl that gets r*ped. So due to the people who kept complaining about it being ntr you anger me as the translations will be at a very slow rate, due to the huge misunderstanding created.

Shes been r*ped by her dad and bro without her knowing her real identity in the end. I never read the tags before reading so I was kinda shocked damn

That f*ckn bit*h of a saintess from lotus something cult named Yunji. Shes the one who exchanged the real chens daughter to her own daughter (baoer) and choose to become her daughters nanny. I find her scheme really horrible, maybe because I sympathize with the FL. Like both the mother and daughter live comfortably until the end which leaves a bad taste in my mouth

Ning Xi didnt r*pe the FL, because Taoer also likes him but in the end he died protecting her which really goes to waste because the one who really benefited is that previous saintess and her daughter?

Im sad the TL has stopped but honestly, aside from the smut, its pretty interesting. I dont understand the 1 stars, the story tags are there for a reason. Back on topic, Im kinda glad shell end up with the General, most of the men are jerks but I do like General Han.

Honestly, Ii love the smut in this, but I would really love to keep on reading about the MCs journey. The TL made the story seem so interesting yet it hasnt been translated in quite awhile. Hopefully this gets picked up again. Truly is a gem.

But the r*pes are sad. MC seemed to be passive about. She knows shes being r*ped. She tries to resist but apparently enjoys it anyway. I dont think she feels disgusted towards the men who r*ped her. She feels awkward to them. She doesnt like them (Im sure of that). Shes just too passive. Its like shes resigned to her situation. She has the mindset of a lowly s*ave. I dont even like the potential ML coz he r*ped her too. All of them just want her body

But like I said its interesting. Theres potential as to how this story will play out. Their seems to be a mystery towards MCs identity and Im looking forward to it.

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