59 Memoir Ideas

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3 Memoir PromptsHere are three prompts that you can use for inspiration.

1) Whats a song that brings back memories for you? Listen to the song (if you dont have a recording, you can probably find it on ), and travel back in your mind to a time that it makes you remember. Spend a few minutes inside that memory, reliving it in as much detail as possible. Then write about that memory, trying to recreate it on the page.

2) Write about a conversation that had an impact on your life. Show the scene where the conversation happened, and try to reconstruct parts of the dialogue word-for-word on the page so that readers can hear it first-hand.

3) Look at a photograph of your family. What memories does it bring back? Focus on one of the memories, trying to recall sounds, smells, and other sensations, as well as what things looked like. Then write about it, recreating the scene for the reader.

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