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100 Classic British Names for Girls

Find the perfect British girl names for your beautiful little lady, including its meaning, origins, namesakes, and more!

There are so many beautiful, traditional, and elegant British girl names that it can be hard to choose the perfect one for your new little princess! But worry not, as we have created this list of gorgeous British female names for you to choose from, including an insight into their meanings, and lots of possible variations to choose from!

Keep reading to discover the perfect British girl name for your new little princess, and uncover all you need to know about some of the most popular British names for girls.

Alice is a popular and pretty name for a dreamy little girl. It will forever be associated with the sweet from Lewis Carrolls childrens novelsAlices Adventures in WonderlandandThrough the Looking-Glass, both beloved works of English literature. Alice is a strong name yet distinctly dainty and would be a perfect choice for your new little fairy.

The English girl name Amanda is derived from the Latin amanda, which translates to loveable or one who is worthy of love. There was a 5th-century bishop in Belgium and France named Amandus, but the feminine given name was first recorded in England in the 12th-century. A romantic and sophisticated name, Amanda is a popular choice and can be shortened to the fun-loving nicknames Mandy or Manda.

The rich, honey-colored amber commonly found in jewelry is made from fossilized tree sap, or resin, set into a beautiful, jewel-type substance. Its beauty and symbolic qualities have propelled Amber into a popular gem of a feminine name, popular throughout English-speaking countries. Amber is a tough, confident-sounding name but with a golden-colored gleam to it, fiery but precious at the same time.

The pretty and feminine name Amelia is the English form of Amalia, taken from the Germanic word for work, amal. This industrious name has a beautiful and unique lilt to it and is often shortened to sweet nicknames, including Amy, Millie, or Lilly. As Amelia, the name sounds regal and charming, as though it would be found on a gleaming invite to a fairytale royal ball.

Annie is one of those lovely and timeless names which you cant help but smile at the sound of. Originally a diminutive of names such as Anne, Anita, Angela, or Anastasia, this beautiful name just brings sweetness. The name Anne holds the meaning of grace, so Annie also carries this meaning, unless you choose to use it as a shortened version of another An- name. Of course, the musical Annie is certain to bring sunshine and happiness, but perhaps skip the track titled Little Girls!

Ashley is an immensely popular name in the US. As a girl name, it ranked in the top 10 most popular names from 1983 right through 2005, holding the top spot in 1991 and 1992. As a boy name, Ashley is less popular but did feature in the top 1000 US names between 1901 and 1994.

Ashley is a popular and earthy name derived from Old English. The names comprising elements ash and lea are both beautifully nature-inspired, referring to both an ash tree and a lea, or meadow. For a more Irish-inspired variant on the name, you could always consider Aisling, whose first syllable is also pronounced like ash. Ashley is a rugged but cool, unisex name and was immensely popular, especially through the 1990s.

An elegant name with an air of sophistication, Audrey is a beautiful choice for your daughter. With the powerful meaning of noble strength, Audrey has bounced back in popularity, despite temporarily losing its charm in the Middle Ages after its association with the negative, cheap word tawdry. Audrey Hepburn brought grace and femininity to the name, and we love its soft sound and pretty feel.

🏷️ Earthy, Nature-inspired, Pretty

Autumn is a very popular name in the US and has spent all of the 2000s so far in the top 100 most popular girl names as of 2020.

Pumpkins, shades of burnt orange and deep reds, the smell of apples and cinnamon, thick wooly jumpers as the chill of the winter months start to sink in there are so many cozy traditions associated with the fall, and the name Autumn encapsulates them all. Even if you choose this name for a daughter not born in the autumn, this strong, confident A- name is still pretty and noble enough to choose of its own accord anyway. Perhaps surprisingly, there are no spelling variations on this name, despite the silent n on the end of the original. Keep it traditional to the Latin autumnus, and choose Autumn for a warm and earthy name.

Bailey is a very popular name in the US, having ranked comfortably within the top 200 girl names from 1992 through 2020. Its peak was in 1998, ranking as the 60th most popular name.

Bailey is a fun and friendly unisex given name, as well as a common surname too. The name is derived from the Old English term bailiff, which is the job title given to a debt collector or law enforcer. Bailey, however, sounds less harsh than its strict meaning, and we love this choice for a bubbly little girl.

Beatrix is the snazzier, more magical-looking cousin of the name Beatrice, having been derived from the Latin name Viatrix (meaning voyager,) and the word beatus (meaning blessed). The spelling of Beatrix gives it a cheeky, sassy, trickster feel to it, although the name has been borne by so many saints and women of nobility that the name also holds a classy, pure, and honest aura. A wonderful namesake would be Beatrix Potter, an English childrens writer and illustrator who created the nationally beloved characters and stories fromThe Tale of Peter Rabbit.

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Bethany is a stunning and ever-popular British name, despite its seemingly-random meaning of house of figs. In fact, the name refers to the biblical town of Bethany, located close to Jerusalem, where Lazarus lived in the New Testament. Bethany is also the English form of the Greek Bethania and can be shortened to Bethan, Betty, or the ever-adorable Beth.

The feminine name Billie came from Wilhemina, which in turn, derived the masculine name William, to which Billy is a commonly-used nickname. Swapping the -y for an -ie has given the name a more girly feel whilst still being cool and powerful. With the meaning of protector, Billie is a no-mess, no-fuss, confident name whilst still sounding simple and sweet enough to coo over.

Blake is an awesome given name for both boys and girls, as well as being a common surname. The works of the poet William Blake are known by many as a scholar, whilst the name itself sounds simultaneously sophisticated and cool. Amusingly, there are two meanings of Blake, both of which contrast each other by being total opposites. From Old English, Blake could either mean fair (from the nickname blaac) or dark (from the nickname blac). Show off every side to your brilliant daughter with this stunning name, as you cant go wrong with Blake.

A fresh and earthy name, Briony makes a beautiful botanical choice for a pretty petal. The name is derived from the Bryonia plant, a lush, flowering, climbing plant from the same family as the gourd. As a name, Briony sounds airy and magical, as though youd find her wandering curiously around an enchanted garden.

Britney is a cool and pretty name, absolutely perfect for a little Brit! This spelling is the British form of Brittany, a name given in reference to the Brittany region of France. You could argue that this varied spelling would mean that it can be given in reference to someone from Britain, which would be a lovely idea too! Sassy and stylish, Britney is a great choice of name for a daughter.

Youve heard of a babbling brook, but how about a beautiful, babbling, baby Brooke? Brooke is a lovely and fresh name for a little girl, taken from the English word for a small stream running through the countryside. Playful and pretty, this pure-hearted name is certain to be adored by those who hear it. And, its simple, one-syllable pronunciation makes it unlikely to ever be shortened, altered, or mispronounced in any way. All in all, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

Especially during the holiday season, the name Carol evokes warm, nostalgic memories of singing traditional Christmas songs with loved ones. For this reason, the pretty and traditional name Carol could be said to mean hymn or song and would be a beautiful choice to give a little girl born around the festive period. Alternatively, Carol was originally derived from the masculine name Charles via the Latin variant Carolus. From Charles, Carol carries the meaning of free, which is also a confident and positive sentiment to pass to your daughter via her name. If you like Carol but think it a bit dated, you could always consider variations such as Cara or Caroline, both equally as beautiful.

Catherine is a common English variant of the name Kathrine, taken from a Greek root meaning pure. There are many possible ways to spell this beloved name, but we think the use of the C- to begin with softens the name considerably, although you can style it up a bit by swapping the -ine ending to -yn. From Catherine stems names including Katrina, Katriona, and Carina, as well as the simple but classic nickname, Kate. There are so many foreign-language variations of this name to explore, but we think keeping it classic with the traditional English form is a certain winner.

Charlotte is a feminine derivative from the masculine name Charles, via the French variation Charlot. Charlotte is a popular andclassic girl name, sounding elegant in full but also easily shortened to the cute nicknames Charlie, Lottie, or Chaz. Great Britain currently has a Princess Charlotte, the young daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and there have been many royal women with the name throughout history before her. Strong, regal, and attractive, you simply cant go wrong with a name like Charlotte.

Chelsea is a pretty and sophisticated name for a girl, originally taken from the name of a district in London. Londons Chelsea took its name from an Old English term meaning landing place for chalk, which doesnt really hold much sentiment in a baby name, but its interesting to note nonetheless. Soccer fans may appreciate the idea of naming their daughter after the Premier Leagues Chelsea FC, or alternatively if youre a big lover of fruity types of bread, you might like to use the currant-enriched Chelsea bun as a tasty namesake.

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Days eye, or after the flower

Daisy is a very popular name in the US, having ranked within the top 200 baby girl names since 1990. Daisy peaked in popularity in the year 1900, ranking as the 81st most popular name.

Daisies are the sweetest of summer flowers, and many lazy summer afternoons have been spent by children linking the flowers together to form daisy chains to wear as crowns. The name Daisy, therefore, evokes this feeling of joyful, summertime innocence and makes for a delightful choice for a sweet little girl. The name comes from an Old English term meaning days eye, thus giving us the derivation of Daisy. A popular name for a pretty flower, Daisy is truly beautiful.

Darcy is an adorable name for both boys and girls, modern-sounding yet traditional to Britain and France. Originally a surname, Darcy was derived from the French family name dArcy, which signified heritage from the Arcy region of France. Another possible interpretation of the name is to mean dark one, bringing a mysterious, alluring quality to the otherwise-cutesy name. Yet it is perhaps thanks to the handsome, romantic character of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy from Jane Austens classic English novelPride and Prejudicewhich has set this name as a British favorite, particularly as a powerful masculine name but also as a literature-inspired name for a dreamy girl.

Dolly is the sweetest of names for a little girl, with many fun namesakes in popular culture tied to its fun sound. Dolly Parton, of course, is the ever-popular country musician, but there is also the 1969 comedy musical titledHello Dolly. The first mammal to be cloned was a sheep named Dolly (the famed Dolly the Sheep), and theres a cute British candy confection called Dolly Mix, which are tiny, pastel-colored fondant cubes and cylinders mixed in with jelly tots. Dolly originated as a derivative from the name Dorothy, carrying with it the heavenly meaning of Gift of God, but it does work as a fun and sassy name on its own, too.

Traditional and sweet, Edith makes a lovely choice for a British girl name. It is derived from the Old English ead, meaning wealth or riches, making this a valuable and strong name full of prosperity. Edith is a soft and gentle choice of name but can be made lively by shortening it to the sweet nickname Edie. For siblings, the names Ethel or Ethan would go particularly nicely with Edith, given their matching phonetic sounds.

Queen Elizabeth II, queen of the United Kingdom from 1926. Saint Elizabeth, a 1st-century saint and mother of John the Baptist. Elizabeth Olsen, an American actress.

Elizabeth is a hugely popular name, having been firmly in the top 20 most popular girl names in the US since 1900. The highest it has reached on the rankings was at point 6.

Elizabeth is a brilliantly popular name, and one which is strengthened by the long list of nobility, regality, saints, and biblical figures who have borne the name ever since the 1st-century. The name is British in origin but is derived from Hebrew. One of the popular qualities of the name Elizabeth is its ability to be shortened into a whole host of fun nicknames including but not limited to Beth, Lizzie, Liza, Tibby, Libby, and Betty. Many names are in fact derived from Elizabeth as a base, and it makes the already-beautiful name a great basis for your little girl to stylize her own way. Elizabeth holds the heavenly and pure meaning of God is my oath, so would be especially significant for a religious or spiritual family.

Ella is a name with many possible origins, but our favorite has to be its English interpretation, where it holds the meaning of fairy maiden. Magical, airy and sweet, what better way is there to describe your new little angel? As well as this, Ella is the Spanish feminine pronoun and is a character who features in Greek mythology. Ella may also be a shortened form of names such as Eleanor, Elaine, or Eloise, and a variation on names like Elle or Ellie.

Ellis is a stylish unisex name, which sounds confident and modern despite its traditional roots. Ellis may be derived from the masculine names Elias or Elisud, and the feminine version perhaps from Elizabeth. As aWelsh girl name, Ellis carries the honorable meaning of benevolent, a lovely quality we hope your little angel will live up to!

Eloise is a truly beautiful and pure-sounding feminine name, being a modern form of the Middle English Helewise, or the Old French Heloise. Eloise holds the gentle meaning of healthy and whole. Although the spelling and etymologies differ, Eloise is pronounced the same as Louise, but with the ehl sound tagged as the first syllable. The names unique spelling and letter combination gives Eloise more of an enchanting feel, yet sounding so familiar you cant help but fall in love with it.

Emma of Normandy, a medieval Queen of England, Denmark, and Norway. Emma Thompson, a British actress and screenwriter. Emma Watson, a British actress and activist.

Emma is a lovely and traditional baby name, particularly popular in Great Britain. Short and sweet, Emma is derived from the Germanic ermen, which holds the impressive meaning of whole or universal. So, Emma would make an especially powerful name for a daughter who you view as your whole universe! The English classical novelist Jane Austen penned a famous novel namedEmma, a delightful comedy of manners which is certain to amuse anyone bearing the titular name!

If youre hunting for a name to truly capture your daughters Irish roots, Erin would make a strong and fantastic choice. Derived from theGaelic girls nameire the Irish name for Ireland Erin holds the special and literal meaning of from Ireland. As well as this, Erin is soft, short, and sweet in nature and unique from other common given names. To ensure the luck of the Irish is ever running through your daughters veins, choose Erin to be her darling name.

Despite being such a short name, Eve holds so much power, beauty, and wealth to it, perfectly represented in its all-encompassing meaning of life. Eve is derived from theLatin girls nameEva, which came from the Hebrew Chavah, stemming from many adorable variations, including Evie, Evette, or Evelyn. In Genesis, Eve was the first woman created by God in the glorious garden of Eden, making Eve a particularly spiritual and holy choice. Eve could be a cute choice for a baby born at sundown, or even on the day before a holiday or celebration, like Christmas.

The name Faith was first made popular by the Puritans in the 17th-century, who used it as a virtue name. This basically means a name that directly expresses a conviction upon a child, in this case, the virtue of faith, in a parents wish that the child will grow up to embody and embrace that exact quality. If you hope your daughter will grow up to be especially faithful, or even if you just like the soft, gentle lisp of the name, Faith makes a beautiful choice for a daughter. Pretty, heavenly, and spiritual, Faith is a glorious name for a pure little girl.

A magical name set to spark imagination and wonder, Faye is a brilliant choice for a curious child. The name comes from the Middle English word faie, meaning fairy, and the word fae is still used in this context today. Faye is an elegant spelling of the name and also the most commonly used, but you could always drop the e and just go with Fay if you prefer. Either way, Faye is a feminine, airy, and beautifully mystical name for your little fairy!

If you are searching for a name full of so much joy that it almost encapsulates the elation you feel when looking at your baby girl, Felicity might be the name for you. In English, felicity is a noun meaning happiness, derived from the Latin felicitas, which also means good luck. Both are brilliantly positive sentiments to hold in a name, and Felicity is a feminine and bouncy name at that.

Pretty, floral, and traditional, you cant go wrong with the name Flora. Of Scottish origin from the Latin for flower, Flora is sweetly rustic and airy. Although most British people would associate Flora as the name of a spreadable butter company, you can always correct them by referring to Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers, who sounds much more attractive and mysterious!

Gemma is a shining jewel of a name for a little girl, taken from Italian roots. The word gem has been adopted into the English language, meaning precious stone, encompassing all the shiny, awe-inspiring, and magical stones one would find embedded in jewelry. Gemma is a popular and stylish name for a gem of a woman, gleaming with a pure shine only associated with the best!

Georgia OKeeffe, an American artist.

In the US, the name Georgia was at its most popular in the early 1900s, ranking within the top 100 names and peaking at rank 87 in the year 1900. It remained in the top 200 until the 1950s and has recently reentered in 2020.

Georgia is the name of both a country nestled between Europe and Asia and a southeastern state in the USA, but Georgia is also a popular name for cool little girls. Georgia is the feminine version of George, whose etymology lies within the Greek language but has been adopted as a British name. With the meaning of farmer, Georgia is earthy and honorable whilst maintaining a regal quality thanks to the line of King Georges who have ruled Britain throughout history.

Grace is a magical virtue name, blessed upon little girls expected to grow up to be graceful, elegant, and charming young women. A popular word name, Grace is short but powerful, and attractive yet sentimental. The word grace comes from the Latin gratia, and its soft, delicate spelling makes it perfect to be used as a given name. In Greek mythology, a Grace is one of a group of goddesses representing beauty, charm, nature, and joy, which brings another level of pure, magical spirit to the adorable name.

Hayley Mills, an English actress. Hailee Steinfeld, an American actress. Hailey Bieber, an American model.

In the US, Hailey became a very popular name in the early 2000s, peaking as the 19th most popular name in 2010 and remaining in the top 100 names from 1996 through 2020.

Hailey is a very popular modern name in the US, with so many different variations in spelling to choose from! The name is derived from the Old English elements heg and leah, meaning hay and meadow, respectively. This meaning of hay meadow gives Hailey a sense of freedom and airiness, ready for exploration and running wild. Haley is an English surname from this same root, although perhaps lesser-heard than the feminine given name.

Hannah is a timelessly classic name, as sweet as it is popular. The name is derived from theHebrew girls nameChannah, holding the perfectly pure meaning of grace. The fact that Hannah is a palindrome makes the name even cooler, and it is hard not to adore its friendly, familiar, and gentle charm.

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Harriet Tubman, an American abolitionist and activist. Harriet Beecher Stowe, an American author and abolitionist.

Harriet was a very popular name in the US throughout the early-mid 1900s but dropped out of the top 1000 in 1970. It did briefly make a reappearance at rank 985 in 2019, so maybe the name is going to come back in style?

Harriet is an English girls name, derived from the same root as the masculine names Harry or Henry, via the French Henriette. A stylish name full of class, Harriet is experiencing a bit of a lull in popularity in the US, but were confident itll make a reappearance. With the strong meaning of ruler of the home, Harriet is a great choice for your new center of attention!

Hazel is a gorgeous name, taken from the title of the majestic hazel tree commonly found in Great Britain. Not only do these plants bear the delicious hazelnuts, which taste especially glorious when mixed with chocolate, but they are also considered to be symbolic of wisdom and magical knowledge. As well as this, hazel is seen as being an especially attractive hair or eye color, and the name itself sounds dreamy and adventurous.

Although the origin of the feminine name Hermione is rooted in Greek, the modern literary usage of the name has deemed it honorably British and a great choice for any little girl. Hermione is derived from the Greek name Hermes, given to the mythological messenger of the gods. In Brit Lit, Hermione was a character in Shakespeares playThe Winters Tale, but was perhaps most famously a leading character in JK RowlingsHarry Potterseries of novels. FromPotter, Hermione gained respect as a smart, magical, and iconic name, perfect for a little role model in the making.

Hearing the name Holly just makes us think of cozy festive greenery and the catchy tune of Burl Ives song Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. Holly is frequently used as a name given to December babies, thanks to its festive connotations and symbolism during that time of the year. However, even for a baby not born during the winter months, Holly is a pretty, botanical name with a soft pronunciation and happy sentiment.

Although Honey is most commonly heard as an affectionate pet name, it also works as a rare-but-recognizable given name for your little girl. Sticky-sweet and full of sunshine, Honey is a bright name just dripping with positivity and love. A word name, honey is derived from the Old English word hunig, although that might be less attractive to use as a name. A brilliant namesake wed love would be , the website which matched you up with this perfect name!

As well as being a pretty, feminine name, the speculated origins behind Imogen are so interesting that we cant help but admire its unique backstory. It is said that the name Imogen was coined by William Shakespeare but perhaps by accident! Shakespeares play Cymbeline features a character named Imogen, although many believe it is most likely the case that the character should have been named Innogen, anIrish girl namederived from the word inghean, meaning maiden or girl. If this was true, the m would have been a misprint! Even so, Imogen has evolved into a popular and stylish girl name and is said to still carry that soft meaning of maiden.

Isla is a gorgeous and adventurous name for a little girl, derived from the Scottish Islay, being a name of an island off Scotland. Isla is a rugged and charmingly popular name in Britain, with soft undertones and a gentle pronunciation. Although the s is silent in the pronunciation of the name, isla is also the Spanish word for island, pronounced slightly more literally.

There are many different variations of Isabelle, but Isobel is the lovely, pure, Scottish form of the name. Isobel comes from the same root as Elizabeth, carrying the heavenly and honest meaning of God is my oath. Despite the more earthy o spelling, Isobel is pronounced the same as Isabel/Isabelle, and can still be shortened to the fizzy nickname Izzy.

A beautifully luscious botanical name, Ivy is a brilliant choice for a sweet little girl. The name is derived from the ivy plant, whose distinctive leaves are recognized as being a symbol of fidelity and eternal life. The word ivy comes from the Old English ifig and the plant is also known as hedera. Of each of these, Ivy makes for the prettiest feminine name and would be particularly beautiful for a dreamy, outdoorsy daughter.

The name Jade comes from the ornamental, semi-precious gemstone jade, which is most frequently pale but rich shade of green in color and is believed to hold positive qualities in regards to healing and wellbeing. Jade is said to bring balance and harmony and is popularly used in the practice of feng shui in the home, as well as in jewelry and small carvings. As a given name, Jade reflects all of these positive and bright qualities and makes for a wonderfully pure and gentle spirit for a woman to hold.

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Jane Austen, a classical British novelist. Lady Jane Grey, a former Queen of England. Jane Fonda, an American actress.

Far from being plain, Jane is a traditional and timelessly elegant name for a strong woman. Jane holds the heavenly meaning of God is gracious, having been derived in Medieval English from the same root as the masculine name John. There have been countless figures throughout history bearing this name, in the British monarchy, in literature, in science, and more. Jane can be varied in style slightly by elongating it to names such as Janet or Janey, but even simply changing the spelling to Jayne adds a fresh, modern twist on the classic.

Janette also commonly spelled Jeanette is a pretty variation on the names Jane or Jean. The addition of the suffix -ette gives the name even more of a feminine feel whilst also giving the cute possibility of the nickname Netty. Janette is elegant and timeless and a name that would suit your daughter as she grows from a sweet baby into a strong woman.

Jasmine is a beautiful name for a precious little girl, with its enchanting undertones and pretty floral meaning. As well as being the name of the princess in DisneysAladdin, jasmine is also a flowering plant. The delicate white flowers are said to symbolize love and respect and may also be seen as a luck-bringing gift from God. The word jasmine is Persian in origin, having derived from Yasmin, which is also a charming feminine name to consider.

Jessica Chastain, an American actress.

Jessica was at its most popular in the US during the 1980s and 1990s, where it stayed firmly in the top two most popular girl names. Jessica is a very popular name and has been in the top 500 names in the US since the mid-1940s.

Jessica is a fun and flirty name, ever-popular and fun to see. Shakespeare included a character named Jessica in his playThe Merchant of Venice, and it is said that this is the oldest written record of the name. Since then, it has shot to prominence, and with the heavenly meaning of god beholds, we highly doubt it will ever fall out of style.

Kate is a traditional and popular name of British origin, carrying the gentle and honorable meaning of pure. Although Kate is a great independent name, it is also widely used as a nickname for names such as Katherine, Katrina, Caitlin, or Katarina. Kate is simple in spelling and pronunciation but still packs a punch, and we love the undeniable friendliness of this sweet name.

Kimberley is a stylish and confident name, although it will more than likely be quickly shortened down to Kim by those she meets. There is a civil parish in Norfolk, England named Kimberley, and the first Earl of this village also lent the name to a South African town and a region in Australia. Hitting all those spots would be a pretty cool vacation plan for yo