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Popular for being filled with bugs, the virtual-reality game New Communicate Online (a.k.a. Nekomimi Neko Offline).

A die-hard fan of the game, Sagara Souma, is sent to the game world from the power of a mysterious device.

Though surprised by the sudden turn of events, Souma conveniently knows the laws of the world.

Mastering every bug, using the games logic against it, he is soon known as Maverick Swordsman Souma.

This World Is a Game, but Only I Know It

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What its really about is New Communicate Online, the buggiest, most sadistic singleplayer VRMMO known to man. Come, marvel at the legend of the Master Torch and its Underground Dojo. Learn why repeatedly slamming your head into a wall at breakneck speeds is the true path to power. Weep at the tragic fate of the Armor Knights of the Cave of Trials. And fall in love with


the greatest, most lovingly modelled cat ears in all of gaming.

A comedic spin on transported to game world fad. The novel satirizes the illogical nature of games, and the fact a game would never work as a real world due to the limitations of games. The main character is brought into a fantasy world that highly resembles a game that he is addicted to. The game was created by heavily flawed developers that loved to abuse their customers, and focused heavily on their fetishes while ignoring glaring bugs in the game. Its funny.

I dont reccomend picking it up, its


being translated far too slowly. I hope the translator would drop the novel so someone else could actually pick it up and give it a decent job. Its taken three years to not even translate two volumes, at this rate we are looking to spend fifteen years to wait for the whole thing to be fully translated.

While the setting overall is fairly standard (MC transported into a game world), the execution on this concept is great. The MC is in some ways OP, since he has a complete understanding of the world mechanics while those living in the world do not. However, the author does a spectacular job keeping the tension of the world high by making the setting a place filled with a multitude of ludicrous bugs, odd quests, and exploits. My summary of the setting doesnt do it justice.


Each new situation is made interesting, especially as the MCs actions are pretty silly to a common person, since he is abusing bugs and exploits. The contrast between the MCs thoughts, the game-world characters thoughts, and the background information on the prior game world really does make for an interesting read.

The NPC (s) (which is so far mostly the first ) also so far well written. They have distinctive traits left over from the game world to start, but as time goes on, the character is getting fleshed out more and more as the story progresses.

The description made me skeptical as hell. Oh, a buggy game and our main character is there. Youre just trying to say this guy is a cheat arent you?!

I was wrong, I am glad I was wrong. Its hard to explain the charm of the novel, but its straight up a sh*t game. The main character gets transported, and you go through this super veteran attempt to play through in a completely unreasonable game.

The side characters are well developed and cute as f*ck, the main character is interesting, the broken-as-f*ck


setting is lovingly crafted. Even if you dont normally like VRMMO/Transmigrated to video game world settings

Its very rare to find a concept of a broken game where bugs are abused, and Nekomimineko is a game with a community around it that despairs, laughs, and celebrates the good and bad in the MMORPG world.

-Cant think of much; maybe lack of introspective moments for the MC as the plot doesnt stop moving? This is more of a nitpick though considering this is a comedic story. Anyway, theres enough serious bits to make the characters feel real.


The premise might sound interesting, but sadly the author forgot to make the NPCs into proper living beings, so the whole world feels dead from the very start, and we are left a story thats not really that catching.

It might have worked if the author had made us discover the quests and bugs along with the story, but we are introduced with quite a lot of the bugs and quests right from the start, without the character actually encountering most of it, making all of it even more artificial.

That said, as the writing isnt that bad, and the translation correct, its ok to give it a go. Just remember, each chapter is really long, so dont think meh, parts for each chapter, lazy translator.

Theres nothing complicated to say here.

Thats it. You want a decent Japanese novel for a quick read, something thats.... I dont know, not s*upid?

I couldnt wait for the Light novel translations and read a really crummy Google Translate of the original web novel. Regardless of the gross quality, I still managed to pull out the gist of the events that happen. Im nothing more than hyped for the reveal of, and return of, various characters. Anyways, onto the review!

Its a rather unique spin on the typical isekai/game-world trope, since the game-world our unfortunate protagonist, Souma, gets stuck in just so happens to be the worlds buggiest VR game created,


New Communication Online, which so happens to be a single player game... because the development team found creating a VRMMO to be too much of a hassle.

On the bright side, our protagonist knows basically everything there is to know about the game. The reason he got sent to this game-like-world in the first place was because of his addiction to it. While Souma provides various explanations of how skills work, and why some bugs exist, I found it incredibly entertaining to read. Rather, I was always thirsting to find out more about the world known as Nekomimineko, and the characters and features that inhabit it.

If it wasnt obvious enough. This is a comedy. The author will subvert what appeals to be dramatic into something comedic, basically making everything feel rather anticlimactic. I will say, this process is repeated quite a few times, even in the web novel. Despite this rinse and repeat, I still find much entertainment from it, even if I started thinking to myself, what kind of bug will he exploit now? There will be some genuinely dramatic moments without subversion, but those rarely appear. I think this has only occurred probably twice in the course of the web novel.

In conclusion, I find this to be a Konosuba of the Trapped-in-a-Game genre. The world is incredibly strange, and character interactions within that world make it funny.

The synopsis and initial setting are generic. However, the skills of the author allowed for a fun adventure. By reading the story, I believe that the author has had experience with RPGs before. The author describes in detail: the effects/bugs of skills, the consequences of said skills, the bad end of events, the player-abused exploits, and, most importantly, the perspective/reaction/actions of the general NekomimiNeko populous. The author stays true to the rules/boundaries that he set out even though he has used the fact that the world is no longer a


game to squirm his way around certain limitations like pre-programmed lines and invisible walls. Hes also an adept user of the concept known as Chekhovs gun.

The audience that would best enjoy this story would be RPG players (Divinity: Original Sin 2) that enjoy the hilarity of watching videos of people messing around with bugs. This novel is similar in that the audience is reading about the hijinks that occur to our MC within this buggy world.

One doubt that Ive had in my mind is about the shitty events. It has been described that there are many unsuspecting events in which if completed, the story becomes insane if not completely impossible to complete. However, while such broken events have been described in high detail, such GG events have not happened to the MC yet (though he has encountered his share of headache-inducing events). However, if I think about it from a narrative standpoint, once such an event occurs, then this story will basically end right there. Thus, Ive come to rationalize that once the MC detects the possibility of such an event in the horizon, hell do everything in his power to skirt around the event instead of overcoming it (which is fine by me). Hes used such a principle when dealing with psychotic, narcissistic, or just crazy NPCs.

Its a masterpiece of a novel, out of all novels Ive read this was the most entertaining to read, it doesnt have any drama or gloominess, just pure thrill, comedy, and excitement.

If your hesitant on reading this I would recommend reading the manga just to get a taste of this.

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