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Near the Star Brilliance Plane, the Nine Brilliance Star Lord appeared in outer space. He gazed in the direction of the Prosper Plane in complete shock. Its the Anatta Grand Exalt. Its actually the Anatta Grand Exalt, b-b-but how is this possible? How can the Anatta Grand Exalt comprehend the Way of Love to completion so quickly?

The Nine Brilliance Star Lord shook his head as if he refused to believe this.

He was extremely familiar with when the Anatta Grand Exalt had begun with the Way of Love. He had only used around a thousand years from start to completion. The speed left the Nine Brilliance Star Lord astounded.

Starting with nothing, he had comprehended a way to completion in just a thousand years. Was that not equivalent to producing a Grand Exalt in a thousand years?

That completely overturned the Nine Brilliance Star Lords knowledge.

The Anatta Grand Exalts completion of the Way of Love immediately shook up the entire Saints World, leading to a great disturbance throughout the originally-peaceful world.

Perhaps certain low-level cultivators or even many Primordial realm experts were not aware of the reason behind this, but the supreme experts who stood at the apex all knew.

The completion of the Way of Love. Its actually the completion of the Way of Love. On top of that, the one whos comprehended the Way of Love to completion is the Anatta Grand Exalt.

Heavens, is this really true? The Anatta Grand Exalt has actually entered the Way of Love. Just who in the vast Saints World, or even the myriad worlds, has the right to make the Anatta Grand Exalt fall into the Way of Love?

This is simply unbelievable. If the Anatta Grand Exalt comprehended another law to completion, that would instead be much more normal, but it just happens to be the Way of Love.

If he can comprehend the Way of Love, it means he has gone through a period of heart-wrenching love. Only when your love for someone has reached an extremely, extremely deep level can you reach completion. How unbelievable. Is this really the Anatta Grand Exalt?

A Grand Exalt falling in love, falling into the river of love. I-i-i-i-is this really true?

At that moment, all the experts in the Saints World and all the ancestors of archaean clans were startled out of their wits. However, they were different from the Bloodtear Grand Exalt and the Nine Brilliance Star Lord. The Bloodtear Grand Exalt and the Nine Brilliance Star Lord were shocked over the Anatta Grand Exalts speed.

These experts that occupied the various regions of the Saints World were shocked by the way the Anatta Grand Exalt had comprehended.

On the Prosper Plane, the first majesty was originally meditating in a secret room. She had an otherworldly bearing and was dressed in white robes. When the Anatta Grand Exalts will swept through the Saints World, the first majesty suddenly snapped open her eyes as well.

However, the emotions in her eyes were not joy. Instead, her gaze was blank. She was stupefied.

On one of the major planets of the Saints World, Fang Jing was dressed in a black dress. She hugged her legs as she sat at the top of a mountain, gazing down at the city below in a daze.

When the Grand Exalts will swept through the Saints World, a sliver of colour returned to Fang Jings hollow eyes. She raised her head slightly as if she was looking at the azure sky, yet also as if she was gazing at the depths of outer space.

Completion of a way, is it? Its the Anatta sovereign of the Saints World. Anattas Laws of Creation, Destruction, and Fire reached completion a long time ago. Now that theres another way, thats a total of four ways at completion, Fang Jing murmured to herself as deep dread appeared in her eyes.

The will of the Grand Exalt lasted for less than a minute before gradually dispersing. At this moment, the Anatta Grand Exalt hovered in the air on the highest floor of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. He shone with a hazy light, wrapped in the laws, such that only a blurry figure was visible.

At this moment, an illusionary figure silently appeared before the Anatta Grand Exalt.

It was the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths, but it was not him in the flesh. It was only an image produced by his will.

He had known the Anatta Grand Exalt for many years now. Even when he entered the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, he did not have to notify anyone. He was free to make his way in directly.

But at this moment, the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths face was also filled with deep surprise. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

Ancient Paths was a sovereign of a world. He stood high above, above all other lives. He already resided at the apex of a world. It was truly ground-breaking for someone that great to exhibit a reaction like that.

Anatta, how have you completed your Way of Love so quickly? the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths asked with widened eyes. His wrinkly face was filled with shock.

Even though he was a sovereign of the world, the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths had also become astounded at this moment, as everything that happened before him had completely overturned his knowledge.

No one understood the Anatta Grand Exalt better than him in the Saints World. He even knew exactly when the Anatta Grand Exalt began comprehending the Way of Love.

Comprehending a way to completion was anything but easy even to a sovereign of a world that could easily access various peak resources.

Comprehending any way to the limit was not just a matter of resources and talent anymore. It was more about fortune and luck.

However, the Anatta Grand Exalt had actually comprehended the Way of Love to completion in around a millennia after starting off with nothing. That was simply inconceivable.

Even the knowledgeable and experienced Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths had been thoroughly stunned.

The Anatta Grand Exalt opened his eyes slowly. His gaze at that moment was different from before. In the past, there was only endless coldness in his eyes, completely devoid of any emotions.

The ways were emotionless. The Anatta Grand Exalt of the past was like a person devoid of emotion.

Yet right now, his eyes were filled with the colours of emotion. His bright eyes twinkled like the stars in the sky. They were beautiful.

Even a glance of this gaze could suck a person in, leaving them enchanted.

Most importantly, the Anatta Grand Exalts current gaze actually possessed hints of tenderness, which was unbelievable.

The Anatta Grand Exalt abruptly stood up. The ways immediately boomed, and the surroundings collapsed. Countless laws manifested, weaving into a great net that filled the space there.

Having comprehended four ways to the limit, the Anatta Grand Exalts strength increased drastically. He became even stronger than before.

Comprehending a single way to the limit produced a sovereign of a world. It earned them the title of Grand Exalt!

Comprehending two or even three ways to the limit were also Grand Exalts!

However, among Grand Exalts, the more laws they comprehended to the limit, the stronger they were!

Ancient Paths, how have you been progressing with forging that weapon? the Anatta Grand Exalt asked. His voice still possessed the sound of the ways as if all the sounds in the world were contained in his voice, making it impossible to distinguish his gender.

But compared to before, there was a clear and distinct difference, as his voice possessed emotion. It was no longer as cold and forceful as before.

The Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths exhaled deeply, glancing at the Anatta Grand Exalt again in a rather shaken manner. Ive already begun the process, but the weapon is extremely powerful, so it cant be forged in a short amount of time.

There are a great number of materials required for forging the ultimate weapon. The Pyrnite Ore from the Neptunean Divine Palace is only one of them. Ive already told Bloodtear, Overarching Heaven, and the archaean clans to help out with gathering the materials.

I am in possession of something that you can take part of to use when forging that item. As soon as the Anatta Grand Exalt said that, a few strands of aura immediately appeared before the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths.

When the Grand Exalt of Ancient Paths saw it, his illusionary figure suddenly stiffened. His eyes narrowed immediately. He cried out, Heaven-splitting Divine Force! This is actually Heaven-splitting Divine Force! This is a power that only exists in legends, even rarer than Ancient Chaos Qi. Even with my identity, Ive never seen Heaven-splitting Divine Force with my own eyes before.

Anatta, where did you find this Heaven-splitting Divine Force?

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (). Translated by Pipipingu.

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