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Waking up, Kim Hajin finds himself in a familiar world but an unfamiliar body.

A world he created himself and a story he wrote, yet never finished.

He had become his novels extra, a filler character with no importance to the story.

The only clue to escaping is to stay close to the main storyline.

However, he soon finds out the world isnt exactly identical to his creation.

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First, this is undoubtedly my favorite novel, and I was immediately hooked when I first read it. It gave me an urge to translate it; the only other time I got this feeling is when I read This Tutorial is Too Hard.

While this novel has typical Korean novel elements like the status system, it distinguishes itself from many with its characters. Girls dont instantly fall in love with the MC because they were


saved, nor do they act like unrealistic holy maidens. They arent flawless. In fact, each character has clear flaws that are often non-existent in other novels, which clearly depict girls as trophies to be won and male characters to either be friend or foe. The main cast of this novel feels real, like theyre real people with real worries and real personality. Characters self-reflect on their mistakes and change. The MC also has apprehensions and worries. How character relationships progress is quite a wonder to read.

Of course, the novel isnt without flaws. Although the MC has a somewhat OP ability, he is also limited in other areas. He does have somewhat of a plot armor (which to be fair, all MCs do to certain extent). However, the MCs plot armor isnt so glaringly deus-ex-machina, and it is sometimes done so in a humorous way (that makes sense).

The novel also doesnt explain too in-depth about how something works. For example, (a bit of a spoiler, but it happens in the first couple chapters anyways), we are told that bows are better than guns, but not given an in-depth explanation of why. These things are often slowly revealed over time, so readers will have to just take it as a matter of fact until a satisfactory explanation comes around.

But despite its flaws, this novel is masterfully executed in its intention - character development. And as the novel goes on, you will see the plot thicken as well.

Overall, it is a refreshing take on a transmigration genre, one that is quite unique in its execution and story telling. You will not regret reading it!

A fairly entertaining read incorporating the recently popularsuperhero + isekaithemes.

But plot gets unnecessarily convoluted withpoorly structured cliche tropes,filler chaptersandnonsensical conversations.

The concept ofbeing an author is pointless, MC is bland and boring.

Translation quality is pretty good though. Kudos on the effort at least.

I dont get why the novel is rated so highly, probably because of the superhero-tag

(influence from Boku no Hero?). Id ask reviewers to raise the bar and hold a higher standard.


failed author is inserted into his own web novel of a post-apocalyptic superhero society as a minor side character. MC is armed with some foreknowledge, and the ability to edit his character/items. Eventually he gains prominence in the new world, becoming the true protagonist while supposedly trying to survive/find a way out.

MC is a typical 28-yr old loser, who has a second chance to personally experience his own failed novel.No personality, no humor or passionthat might endear him to readers. MC is trying to survive while he thinks hes hiding his strength and is light-bendingly dense.

The side characters are more developed with interesting backstories, personalities, powers. Typical shounen-ish characters ~17-yrs old (novel MC/antagonist/multiple love interest/love triangle). The age gap is a little weird, but Ill refrain from commenting on these things.

(1) The meta-reference of web novels was actually interesting...

MC has to confront the reality of a world that he created, except its more detailed than he ever imagined and so starts to learn where his own writing went wrong. Its a fascinating idea, IF, as an author, he learns how his story could be improved and grows from that knowledge (like the anime Re:Creators).

Unfortunately that concept is never pursued beyond the first few chapters. MC just becomes an awkward robot-like existence in his own novel. Soits supposed to be a story about redemption, without the redemption??

The only point of being an author is to edit his own character/itemsandsome knowledge of the future.

TheMC has ZERO CHARACTER GROWTH besides powering up. He was even lazy enough to edit his character desc to be more hardworking so he could push through his workouts?! WTF.

You could substitute for any randomnon-author MCand there would be no difference.

Itd be interesting if we had multiple perspectives since the whole point is immersion into an authors novel. Instead its focused entirely on MC who becomes the uncontested star of the show. Side characters personal thoughts are a litany of exposition, and they inevitably and annoyingly lead back to the MC along the lines of Why is the MC so cool/mysterious/powerful?. Compare that to Overlord where side characters story lines slowly merge with Ainz, or Top Management where side characters brief/mild interactions with Jung Sunwoo hint at their thoughts and personal motivations.

as they bounce off the robot-like MC in cringe-worthy one-sided interactions, while MC is constantly dense. Which is ridiculous since MC was their creator who should understand them best. Again, being an author is POINTLESS.

The MC doesnt make a real attempt to befriend anyone, he just wants to advance the story while being a nice guy and survive. Nameless non-critical characters are ignored even if they are in mortal danger (i.e. he doesnt really care if regular humans are killed).

Author (real one) explains MCs aloofness as avoiding attachment to the characters so he wont be emotionally hurt if/when he leaves. Which makes NO SENSE because its also repeatedly mentioned MC feels pride and joy as their creator. Hes ALREADY EMOTIONALLY INVESTED.

Does MC regard everyone as real living beings or not? He struggles with killing humans, but yet sees everyone as a fictional character and thus has no emotional connection. That disconnect is s*upid.

This issue is much better explored in another Korean novel (The Tutorial is Too Hard).

Even 100+ chapters into the story, the only purpose is making minor edits to the scenarios so that MC cant accurately predict the future.

The readers are constantly introduced to random disjointed developments. Its just a huge mishmash of EVERY TROPE youve read in other novels. Dozens of arcs in less than 100 chapters. And it makes it worse that you know the MC created this whole novel, which emphasizes even more thatMCSUCKS AS AN AUTHOR.

Suddenly its exam time. Suddenly its time for competitions. Suddenly its exams on a deserted island. Suddenly theres a talent competition (just an excuse to give MC singing ability and reference cool YouTube videos). Suddenly the clubs they joined go on world tours where they encounter Situation A/B/C/D/E. Suddenly a dungeon appears.

I would expect that in a Chinese novel with 1000+ chapters, but for there to be so many useless filler unstructured chapters in only 100+ chapters is s*upid. Long paragraphs of side characters nonsense bickering to make the word count.

Typical examples of how bad it gets.

Hint: Authors chapterword count requirement is probably2500(in English at least).

First 530 words, side character thinking about MC (reminder MC is 28 yrs old, the school kids are 17).

Next 1400+ words, MC leaving for a RANDOM assassination mission and completing it (same day).

Next 500+ words, MC going home and interacting with side characters.

First 730 words, a mercenary group sitting around randomly talking about the MC.

Next 1800+ words, MC and side characters chatting and eating at a restaurant.

First 760+ words, MC playing with items/stat sheet when no one cares about 0.001 numbers.

Next 140 words, yet another random club outing.

Next 1300+ words, MC chatting with a side character and showing off in class.

Suddenly its revealed MC always knew that a random dead dude he was looking for (on behalf of the side character) was actually a good guy. Was never mentioned in the dozens of chapters while MC was looking for him. Has no bearing on the story, just nonsense makjang.

Next 400 words, a side character is digging up some info about MC (which the next chapter reveals is pointless other than to make MCs background a sob story).

First 1000 words, side character discovered MCs background sob story and her father might be involved. Pointless makjang.

Next 600 words, other side character realized her father (aforementioned dead dude MC was looking for) was a good guy. Which the AUTHOR SPOILED 1 chapter before. Pointless.

Next 560 words, MC is in Busan because his club once again randomly decided to go. Hes in a high class hotel suite. The reason: someone canceled so he got it for cheap.This random teleportation trick happens throughout the novel.Some pointless chatter with side characters.

Next 460 words, MC just so happens to meet potential final boss in Busan. Tadah! Some plot progression finally happens.

The protagonist (of The Novels Extra, not of the novel within it) isnt forced to be a villain whos constantly mistreated just because he looks evil, nor is the hero of the novel characterized as a self-righteous prick. The protagonist a normal guy who has a lot of agency because hes not the center of attention, and the hero is actually a likable and good-natured guy (as youd expect from a novels hero!).

The girls dont develop a fascination with the protagonist the moment they meet him, or fall in love with him just a few encounters later. They keep him at a distance, and he keeps them at a distance. Generally speaking, that distance slowly closes, but sometimes it even widens a little.

The protagonist is cool and confident without being a smartass or c*cky. Plenty of times hell just end a seemingly important conversation casually, because he doesnt want to get too close to others. In other words, hes not a playboy or an attention whore. He also makes mistakes, but not foolish hotheaded behavior thats obviously a plot device.

Unlike many other knowledge of the future novels, the protagonist doesnt blurt out knowledge of the future and then make up some flimsy lie that everyone seemingly accepts tentatively because they appreciate his advice. Even up to the latest chapter Ive read, he doesnt have any real influence or authority, hes just a normal student.

You can tell that the protagonist is a writer and he loves the characters he wrote, flaws and all. The author of The Novels Extra accurately captures how I feel the protagonist would behave in this surreal situation of entering his own novel.

To be honest, I expect The Novels Extra to not be able to


keep up this level of quality forever, especially as the setting is fleshed out more--and considering that the novel within the novel took place over 10+ years, but at the current pacing The Novels Extras would need 2000+ chapters to match that. But thats normal with Korean modern day world with RPG dungeons that suddenly appeared-type novels. Ill probably still enjoy it a lot, because I love this genre, and I especially love The Novels Extra and its excitingly meaningful approach to character development.

As a webnovel, It manages to manifest some superb traits as one of them lies in the character emotions. The author manage to draws out the realistic feelings someone may hold as quite a lot of novels have difficulties in managing so. Yet the execution in which the relationship was being told towards the readers was horrendous in display, Through Constant Misunderstanding. Considering that its a webnovel, it does well yet it suffers the limitation of a webnovel by its tropes and a lack of scrutinizing. It has considerable potential


yet lacks of possibly by the Author inexperience, understanding of progression of realistic relationship, and the understanding of power system.

Despite all previously said, it could still pertain a level of entertainment due to the fact It does well in Character development, holds a setting akin towards the newest trend, and some plots which could be consider interesting. And The factors that may hinder it, could easily become null if the author had taken more consideration as if he were to write it as a professional work. As in a professional work, while it still suffer a number of different problems occurring in the story, the effect would be a lesser extent. Due to the fact that a lot of times a professional writer would have a creditable editor scrutinizing the work. Making constructive criticism that a lot of times would greatly improve the quality of the work.

So One importance note that I quickly pointed out was some Realistic emotion from the characters yet the lack of proper execution for it. So The characters besides the MC have clear defining motives, traits and personality. The author manages to draw out emotions that you would normally expect from characters with those traits. The Author does a fine job illustrating the Side Characters ambition, desires, and their ideals of what they want to do. While The Main Character emotional feelings are iffy at most, he has the conviction to survive and to kill what is necessary in maintaining the status quo of the story.

So yet in the recent arc, The Author made the MC to Quote Cowardly self-justification. due to the fact that he was force to kill a man that was a sibling to one of the side character. He was emotionally unstable for a while for the amount of guilt he felt. Yet it felt hypocritical in the sense that afterwards when you consider that he already have kill numerous amount of people numbering in the dozens. Its not about the victim/target or Am I trying to say that the MC should be numb towards the feeling. Its the problem that he came out too weaken by the aftermath of it. He knew very early on that a day where he will kill him would come. Even if a lot of feeling develop between the two, he shouldve hold the conviction the whole time understanding the consequences of the interaction. That is what I say it felt hypocritical, for being so emotionally weaken by a understanding you knew long ago.

As for the execution between for between the relationship, its disastrous to say the very least. It show a very good indicator that the Author lacks understanding of any sort of realistic real life relationship. The numerous amount of misunderstanding instances is ridiculous, no realistic relationship in the real world is develop by this way. This is never a good way to make affection between two member develop, It would be so superficial that you can punch right through it. It ruined some serious emotional feeling between the Characters and their moments. A example of how the misunderstanding occurs... Lets hypothetically say youre a girl and Im the guy cause I am one. You fell s*upidly down the stair holding a pile of paper that is very organized at that moment. You sprain your leg so therefore I carry you down towards somewhere that can treat you temporarily while going back and organizing that pile of paper. Now I may it may cost me whether its some cash, my time and etc. But trust me, It definitely wasnt because I was interest in you. Cause I probably on that damn day, won so much money that I could make it pour rain. So I was feeling very f*cking happy right about then. Therefore it aint cause I love you, its just that Im too damn happy right now where my cynical ass could be forgotten.

One thing that is quite frustrating whenever you read this novel is the pointless interaction at times. I dont require every chapter to be so full of plot and detail that will play a part for the overall character development. Yet The constant meaningless fillers serves no purpose and it only exist to add the overall word count. At times, it ruined the impression one may have towards a character.

Around Chapter 147 where I stopped reading, There are interaction between the Boss and the MC. The MC after the incident in which he killed Chae Brother, is settling down as he now officially joins the group. The MC arrives at the new hideout in which he restore and decorate the new hideout. As he creates these decoration, the boss takes note and what happened afterward was ludicrous. Hajin the MC, Was literally domesticating and befriending the boss by using the damn furniture and household decoration. And the MC even acknowledges thats how you befriend the boss, Apparently f**king so. The Author is making the Boss As someone commented, Moe, but all it does is make her look like a damn uncultured barbarian. Shes suppose to be leading a nefarious secretive organized- syndicate, and if someone forgot, their organization stands at the peak of the underworld. The author said and any common sense suggest that you cannot lead such a powerful organization in the underworld being soft. I would be fine if she was simply appreciative of his work but it went further and made her so ecstatic that she melted in the bed. And for some strange reason this insignificant timeline taken a significant chuck for the next eight chapters when you could sum it up in a few paragraph.

I would be fine if the novel occasionally add in some moments that may only serve as a comedic relief. Yet the numerous amount of nonsense and dialogue that when taken into consideration serve nothing, its going to get the readers annoyed.

The inexperience author Ive mention only briefly showcase at its finest recently. While many different problem already contribute to towards hinting the author lack of experience, only one example that Stand out made me want to say something about. It the aftermath of what happen when he kill the side character sibling, since the character was link to someone prominent in the world. The world started to investigate him, to which the only clue they found was a unique tattoo on his arms. However since its always hidden away underneath his clothing, what shouldve happen would be that it taken a long time before the investigation could continue. Also considering the fact he could no longer was going to continue his school life in two weeks. It was a logical that this event could only be reveal much latter onward when after his time at school, there would barely any chance for more detail to rise up. So yet in the span of two weeks, the side character manage to find out the tattoo by barely explainable events. The author may say preexisting event he mention as a attempt of a cover up for the forceful plot. Yet Considering that one of the background event was sped up by months for this event and latter was completely arbitrary since the beast that appear literally yawn then went back to sleep forcing him to reveal his tattoo. But The Author stated that the second author change the event... By making him appear for a second to yawn then going back to sleep? This could be a consider a epitome of a rookie author, as they may not understand that plot story does not necessary need to be immediately address if it isnt necessary.

One of the thing I sincerely hate due to the fact that theres is no sense of balance in it is when a character is given a power for no reason. And this character is the Protagonist and his granted system which grants unlimited power for a small cost. The Small cost does not justify the means in which it serve as the equilibrium. A sense of equilibrium in a story whenever a character is granted by a third party power can serve as a understanding of a character flaws. Flaws Serves as a point of weakness and makes it justifiable that while strong, if his flaw are exploited, he could be defeated. It avoids the situation where the Protagonist is ridiculously strong for no reason and will soon become dull and boring. A overpower protagonist could be enjoyable showcase but this novel is not one of them. A Protagonist in which it becomes Perfect, Is thus boring since nothing entertaining when the clear obvious result will occur.

My last point ill make is about, Kim Suho, The suppose original Main Character of the story. As you all know, There are two suppose MC of this story. One is Kim Hajin, the author who gotten transported into his own book and Kim Suho who is the Protagonist of the said book. Naturally most of the series is in the perspective of Kim Hajin the Victim Of the story. However I just want to say one thing, why the hell is Kim Suho relegated as a background character? Most of the time you hear about Kim Suho is either in very small talks or said as background information. Example would be something along the line...Kim Suho couldve bulldoze his way through with impunity against the traps and only hold difficulties with the final boss.

My example epitomize and illustrate how most times Kim Suho is said and shown. There been only one example where any development is said for Kim Suho. Afterwards hes basically forgotten only to occasionally bought up as if to remind everyone hes the main Protagonist. But Kim Suho is the pivotal force for the overall storyline and the Kim Hajin Overall Survival. So Whenever they eventually fight the final boss, Kim Suho would be the vanguard while Kim Hajin is the supporting role. As Kim Hajin power is mainly against weaker foe with him having basically only one shot against anyone stronger. You could kinda already see how the final fight be played out, Kim Suho holding the final boss out while Kim hajin does the final blow. Although this is my complete speculation of how the final boss turns out, What I said serve one purpose. Why is there so little emphasis on Kim Suho when hes such a important character for the overall story even if he technically isnt the Main Protagonist anymore. Hell even the Side character have more story backing them up, yet someone seeming so important is only left as a afterthought.

Overall, it has a lot of problem that needs to be clear yet it contains a lot of potential. If I was solely recommending Web Novel on this site then to my annoyance, this is probably one of the only decent one. I couldve added some other issues it had that were not problems of me nitpicking them. But I believed I wrote enough to demonstrate that while decent and enjoyable, it still suffer many problems.

3/5 - In my rating that means its good but not quite great. With this story you can read it over and over again and not get tired of it (with me anyways, re-read this novel like 5 times in 1 week and thats just a low-ball guesstimate, I just re-read this story non-stop.).

Now lets start why I gave it a 3/5 - WARNING! this review has opinions that differ from you and focuses on the negatives rather than the positives, take that with a huge grain of salt.


- The main character of this story is named Kim Hajin and he is the author of the novel he is stuck in and not only that he is stuck in the body of an extra he doesnt even remember writing about named Kim Chundong. 93 chapters in and 5 re-reads later, I still cant quite put my finger on what exactly Hajins personality is, thats just how vague the MC is even to the reader. Then I realized, this character is a self-insert, a wish-fulfillment character, I went to this story thinking it was going to have an honest to God MC someone like Harold from Death Flag or Ainz from Overlord with varying degrees of assertiveness on their own situation in another world. (though the author is giving Hajin some development, its just him missing his home and family and a laughably small amount on him having a huge chance of dying, like really? He cries about his mom and he shrugs of death like its nothing? and what I seriously expected in this novel - no existential crisis on how you know these are just novel characters? no eventual acceptance of said existential crisis? though there was some about him not wanting to fight close quarters but the author was content with a sentence of explanation about it, it couldve been so much more!! (basically this whole review))

Shin Jonghak (basically Bakugo with underlings) and Yi Yeonghan (A shittier version of Tenya Iida), despite being actual main characters of the novel authors world, they act like side characters and get screen-time like side characters. Its honestly disappointing to see the author just brush these characters off, the 1st year of their cadet school days is almost over and these two barely made a f*cking move!

Kim Suho, this character leaves a lot to be desired. Though he isnt much of an offender as Jonghak and Yeonghan because hes the stereotypical superman character though he couldve handled Suho with more grace being that hes the legit MC of this world.

Yoo Yeonhan, Rachel and Chae Nayun, the 3 characters that have actual development besides Hajin and that really isnt saying much. Yeonhan gets hammered again and again as this businesswoman, like f*ck rl author I get it already just f*cking stop with Yeonhan and actually develop her personality on why shes so delusional on Jonghak (the noble explanation isnt enough and you know it) or focus on the other main characters of Hajins novel which is actually your novel and give them some personality besides 1 stereotype. Rachel on the other hand is handled well, we get some implications on her past and some foreshadowing on her accepting it, definitely one of the better characters in this story. Nayun, this character was really fun to follow at first but then it gets stale, her 1 personality trait I think is blocking her from making some really good character development. or at least the author is focusing so much on making Nayun this comedic relief.

- I hate the way the author is presenting Hajin and how Hajin is handling his knowledge of this world (knowing its more dangerous than what he written it should be) and his overall lackadaisical attitude towards the danger and just goes oh yeah thats going to happen soon, better prepare for it now lols SERIOUSLY??? everyone in their right mind who was transported in that world would begin to recall what the f*ck happens in the story and write it in a journal and to prepare accordingly, especially knowing that the story is re-adjusting itself to be more dangerous. And the fact that the MC doesnt abuse his power enough irks me, everyone and their mother would abuse the sh*t out of that thing and honestly the system would stop him if he gets away with too much AND THATS FINE AUTHOR GOD DAMN, actually punish the MC and limit him. The author is too scared to limit Hajin and too scared to actually challenge Hajin. No limit on mcs power, which should make him OP but guess what the author just chooses not to do anything with it so hes not OP, its f*cking dumb.

I expected a tug of war between Hajin the original author and the system which is correcting his story which would be a better story to read honestly.

Too much screen-time on Hajin. I understand hes the MC but remember too much is as bad as too little. The better chapters of this story is the characters reaction to Hajin and one of the flaws of this story is the characters so he can kill 2 birds with 1 stone, more chapters without Hajin and more chapters with the others and developing them.

tl;dr - Wasted potential but the author still handled the story really well but it shows that the concept of the story itself is carrying this story rather than the author actually writing it.

You can stop reading the review here, you can read the text below if youve already read this story or dont really give a shit. You can read the last piece of text though (basically me just reiterating despite the flaws I really love this story)

some tips for the author (Take this with a huge grain of salt, I dont really suck the d*ck of my favorite stories, I usually lampoon them and try to think on how the author couldve done better but that doesnt mean I dont like them. These are just my opinions and ideas on how to make this already good story better) -

put limits on Hajins powe.