Adapted English Books

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Adapted books (graded books) are free available for download on our site. Our goal is only to help all users learn English. All the information that is posted on the site is collected by the volunteers from various public Internet resources. This information is distributed free of charge and is intended solely for familiarization with the purpose of learning English. The information on the site is posted by different persons without restrictions or censorship on an as is principle. The site and hosting administration are not responsible for the content, relevance and correctness of this information. If you find that some information is illegal, you must delete such information from your disk and contact the copyright holder to purchase a legal version of this information. The site and hosting administration is not responsible for any damage resulting from access or use of information published on the site. The site administration makes every effort to exclude from the site incorrect, offensive, untrue or deliberately distorted information that affects the interests of third parties, however, ultimately, the responsibility for it lies with the persons who posted it.