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Writing afantasy novel? Youll need a spectacular name for the fantasy world in which your story is set in. Use our magical fantasy world name generator to get hundreds of cool realm names to use in your fantasy novel. Keep reading for a free world name generator printable!

Our random world name generator is great for naming fantasy continents, and fictional worlds, and even inspires you to write your own fantasy storybook or novel (see ourfantasy writing prompts). Try out our fantasy world name generator now:

Looking for some really good fantasy world names Have you tried creating your own? See our guidelines below on how to create your own fantasy world name. You might also be interested in these56 Dystopian writing prompts.

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Coming up with unique fantasy world names (or realm names) can be very difficult. Its so hard not to copy name ideas that are already out there. But we got a couple of really cool techniques to help you come up with some unique world name ideas that will amaze your readers:

The first technique is super easy. Start by making a list of adjectives that are relevant to your fantasy novel. Some examples might include:

Now make a list of synonyms for the word, world. Synonyms are words you can use instead of a particular word. In this case, we are looking for synonyms for the word, world. Some examples may include:

You could also include loose or close synonyms like woods, ocean or lake in this list. Now the final step is to combine your list of adjectives with your world synonyms list. And here is what you might get:

The second technique is just as easy as the first one. This time start with your world synonyms list. Here is a sample of our list:

Next, make a separate list of nouns related to your fantasy novel. Here is our example list of fantasy nouns:

Finally combine the two lists to create your own world name. Here is what you might get:

Now this is the golden technique for creating your own fantasy world names. It may seem complicated at first, but remember practice makes perfect. Start by making a list of nouns, similar to the previous technique. Here is our list of nouns:

Next bring in your list of world synonyms that you created in the previous techniques. Here is our sample list:

Now comes the hard part. Pick a random noun and take the first three characters from it. For example for the noun, Angels I will take the letters, Ang.

One more time, pick another random noun and take the first three characters from this noun. For example with the noun, Dragons, I get Dra.

Next, pick a random world synonym from your list of world synonyms. And take the last three characters from this word. For example with, Region, we get ion.

Finally combine all those letters together to get your random fantasy world name. In our case, we get the following world name, Angdraion. Not bad, eh? And here are some more we created:

And to really put the icing on the cake, you can combine the previous two techniques with this last one to come up with one mighty cool world name idea. Just take a look at these examples:

Try these techniques out yourself and let us know what world names you can come up with!

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If you could own a world, what would it be called? No need to think about it, just use our printable world name generator to get your world name based on your first name, last name and month of birthday:

Spiunknds, Woodlands of the Spirits

Golpoichy, Duchy of the Golden Eagle

Warwarion, Dominion of the Warriors

Phosorory, Territory of the Phoenix

Priangain, Terrain of the Princesses

Drafroory, Territory of the Dragons

Golangnet, Planet of the Golden Eagle

Golfrodom, Kingdom of the Golden Eagle

Golillain, Terrain of the Golden Eagle

Golrotnce, Province of the Golden Eagle

Drauninds, Woodlands of the Dragons

Warredion, Dominion of the Warriors

Golfroout, Lookout of the Golden Eagle

Elddraies, Territories of the Elders

Redbotrse, Universe of the Red Sword

Redlocnse, Expanse of the Red Sword

Golkinion, Region of the Golden Eagle

Warrotnds, Woodlands of the Warriors

Phodeands, Woodlands of the Phoenix

Unieldion, Dominion of the Unicorns

Warspiies, Territories of the Warriors

Prigolain, Terrain of the Princesses

Priprinse, Expanse of the Princesses

Golelvalm, Realm of the Golden Eagle

Prilocrse, Universe of the Princesses

Trowaries, Territories of the Trolls

Poiwilion, Dominion of the Poisoned

Spilocary, Sanctuary of the Spirits

Goltroles, Isles of the Golden Eagle

Draelvary, Sanctuary of the Dragons

Eldbroies, Territories of the Elders

Kintroies, Territories of the Kind-Hearted

Prirotlds, Fields of the Princesses

Spipoinds, Woodlands of the Spirits

Golspiles, Isles of the Golden Eagle

Pridraire, Empire of the Princesses

Golwiztry, Country of the Golden Eagle

Golpriane, Plane of the Golden Eagle

Redelvtum, Sanctum of the Red Sword

Prirotnse, Expanse of the Princesses

Golwition, Dominion of the Golden Eagle

Phovilnds, Woodlands of the Phoenix

Golbronet, Planet of the Golden Eagle

Golillows, Barrows of the Golden Eagle

Pridevnet, Planet of the Princesses

Did you enjoy using our fantasy world name generator? Share your thoughts and ideas on names for a fantasy world in the comments below.

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