The Fallen Merman

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I had to take him home and raise him. There was no bathtub or a large basin at home, so I had to put him in the washing machine for the time being.

It was an hour later before I remembered it again, by which he had been washed extremely clean.

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This story is surprisingly like an action novel with mysteries revolving around human experiment. Also... SUPERPOWER OMEGAVERSE!! Cute half animal ears, unique animal DNA, intriguing plot. Wow. I couldnt ask more for better omegaverse action novel. If you like puzzle like game survival, like Mist for example, youll surely like this

Rimbaud and Bai ChuNian are the souls in this novel for me, if I stayed a single chapter without them I would already worry, the love and attachment was very strong.

I loved how Rimbaud changed (a little bit), how Bai ChuNian touched on some subjects, I cried with some revelations and I will carry that friendship group for the rest of my life.

After reading the synopsis I just had to leave this comment: if you start reading the novel expecting it to be fluffy with a simple plot, you have been deceived.

The fallen merman starts off pretty simplistic but as the story progresses and you dwelve deeper into the past of the MC & ML youll discover great depth mixed with quite a few portions of angst. Youll uncover dark truths surrounding the 109 research institute and realize the novel touches on a lot of important topics, even relevant to modern society,


such as environmental pollution or (ABO) gender equality.

It is action and combat filled (with a touch of humor) involving various interesting combat strategies & firearms. The novel never left me bored for even one chapter

(which is quite an achivement considering the novels length and my short attention span)

What still amazes me to this day is the way the author managed to combine the ABO-world with sci-fi and self-invented rules in the most organic way possible. (E.g.: additional to the foundations of the typical omegaverse, each character possesses unique, individual supernatural abilities of varying strength tied to their respective animal/ plant/ object characteristics. As hard as it sounds to remember the abilities of the characters, it is actually quite easy because each one is just so distinctive.)

The relationship dynamics of the MC & ML

: Without trying to spoil, it is one of the uniquest Ive come across yet.

As both parties arent quite human and ML grew up to become the queen of his tribe, they possess values different from our society in their relationship

He is very strong and might seem to have a simple and cute personality by the beginning of the novel. But as the novel progresses his personality gains increasingly more depth as he learns to express himself. Later in the novel he suprisingly turns out to be quite the dominant one in their relationship ;)

However, one of the strongest selling points of the story for me is the

(alpha) : Bai Chunian is a bit gangster-ish and playful at the same time. He, as the Gong, is also surprisingly vulnerable and soft in the best way which is tied to his past as hes been through a lot. Additionally, he undergoes great character development - even though he had a traumatizing childhood, throughout the novel he begins to increasingly see worth and hope in humanity. Hes intelligent and equally very strong. However, the author manages to balance his character really well, not making him seem op. Towards Rimbaud he is needy and indulgent, and thinks the world of him. Bai Chunian also practices gender equality as he literally works in an organization founded on achieving ABO gender equality. This also leads to the next point:

No stereotypical portrayal of ABO roles:

In this novel Omegas arent portrayed as the typically weak who require the protection of Alphas. In terms of combat abilities, strength and position of power they are equal to Alphas, if not even able to surpass them in certain aspects.

Each and every character is well fleshed out, many with an own backstory and you just cant help to sympathize with them in one way or the other.

(except for ofc the really despicable researchers)

Moreover, one astounding aspect I hardly ever came across in danmei novels is that side characters and antagonists are able rival MC & ML in terms of strength and wits. This means they

meet challenges with unpredictable outcomes which makes the novel all the more thrilling & their teammates are

competent and essential for the successful accomplishment of tasks. A huge plus is also the naturally developing relationships of the side couples.

P.s. To the translators and editors: Thank you for the awesome translation!

Heres my cue for you to read the novel. You wont regret it :)

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