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One night a man encounters a hedgehog.

its a series of short stories revolving around a person who finds out about Indias hidden wonderland thats filled with magic and adventures you would envy.

The nightmare is coming to an end. Tyson wants to avenge his friend Jack and Jacks mother. Can he take down the demon that corrupted him? This is part 3 of the Sleeping Trilogy. Parts one and two are Dreamer and Nightmare.

You sometimes just need a person to push you forward.

Dysnomia attempts to capture a dangerous criminal. She discovers that sometimes in life you have to see through the illusions. Things are not always as simple as they appear.

A strange women keeps escaping prison just to get caught again.

The official sequel to Dreamer by Sean Harris (a good friend of mine, I got his permission for this) the protagonist, Jack, is dead, and everyone is at the funeral for him. And worst of all, Tyson is there too.

Your will is the greatest power ever.

Its about a lost golden arrow which was used to curse the whole kingdom

Dysnomia has a moral crisis. Heros often have to make tough decisions. Should she take one life to save hundreds of lives?