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A list of those that participated in the 55,555 words in 5 weeks challenge and won! You can also find the review challenge update

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Hacking Reality (A teenage Mad Scientists story.)

Gamer Guilds Dungeon (2nd Floor): Floor End

At The Precipice [A Survival LitRPG]

Dwarven Heart - Beyond the Boundary

Im the Demon Lord, but All I Wanna Do is Sit Around and Eat Pizza Poppers

The Armorer and the Infinite Dungeon

The Devil in White: An Awakened Aspirations Online Series

My class [Death Knight] is just barely legal...

FINAL CORE : [A holy dungeon-core litRPG]

Yagacore: The Dungeon that Walks Like a Man

Salvos (A Monster Evolution LitRPG)

There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

Best premise I have ever seen on RR

The Iron Teeth: A Goblins Tale

The Power of Ten, Book Three : The Human Race

Foxs Tongue and Kirins Bone

Mother of Learning: The AU Chapters

Virtuous Sons: A Greco Roman Xianxia

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