Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

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Starting over once more, he has entered this living game in order to control his fate.

This time, he will not be controlled by others.

Previously the Level 200 Sword King, he will rise to a higher peak in this life.

Money earning methods! Dungeon conquering strategies! Legendary Quests! Location of equipment! Undiscovered battle techniques!

Even the secrets Beta Testers had no knowledge of, he knows of them all.

Massive wars, entering godhood, reaching the peak with just a sword; the legend of the sword god has just begun.

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This novel is incredibly dumb. It really just ticks all the boxes for an uninspired gamer power fantasy. It seems every single character shares a single braincell and MC somehow ends up ahead due to his future knowledge speedrun guide and MC 100% ultra rare item drop rate. The power system is all over the place with

three different tracks of random power ups. Its really not even particularly funny unless your prefered brand of comedy is along the lines of:

Heh, this MC guy looks pretty weak and


his opponent is incredibly strong for

so theres just no way MC can win this he might as well just give up right now!, *MC proceeds to beat the opponent easily*, Wow no way MC is so cool how is it even possible to be that cool, good, strong and also very cool.

If that happens to be what gets you going then

are you in luck, because that scene plays out in some variation

the MC meets anyone not explicitly allied to him. I have rarely seen such a gross overuse of useless third party opinions to set the scene every time the MC takes a step anywhere.

I tried to like this and I remember the more I read the worse I enjoyed the story. Its a decent premise but not unique that is ruined by the author not really carrying about his own rules. Power creep in these stories is almost a given, but literally ignoring things youve written in the past, repeatedly is just poor writing.


3. The author has something against women. Every other chapter there will be some random girls who want to sell their bodies to the MC or some other guys so they can be carried. This is a freaking game ffs! Also literally every woman in this novel wants to warm the MCs bed.

5. Despite being way too OP, he still almost died to a lower level assassin with much much worse gears, and only managed to win due to yet another heaven defying item of his.

8. Everybody has no life and plays VR 24/7 including top CEOs, real assassins, etc. The game runs twice as fast as real life time, which means people with actual jobs will be severely disadvantaged due to only having their sleep time as play time (16 hours in game time compared to 48 hours a day for dedicated players) yet for some reason the top players are always some big names in real life. 9. The MC has no goal. He doesnt want to get too much attention to stay safe, yet everything he does is the opposite. 10. Heaven defying mask that is literally a cheat.

11. A sword with the ability to make a shadow clone with 50% of the originals power. Like, what? Oh and he can switch place with his clone, which means he will never be in real danger. 12. Did I mention this ridiculous character surnamed Zhao?

Its hard in a weird sense, as I may have given this a four star or a five star when I first started reading novels. I remember when I first readied Ark, it was the third web novel I ever readied. While I dont remember too much of it now, I remember having a good time reading it, to the point where I binge readied the whole thing in less than three weeks.

I mean heres the thing, I was on Vacation while I was still serving in the FFL when


I first touch a web novel. And Im going to tell you that I before I readied my first web novel on this site, I never had readied more than five books that wasnt mandatory by education. And those novels were all military so you can imagine that I am no book lover. So as someone who became fascinated by this new experience, interested in reading these novels where the authors showcases the world they developed around them. The time I spent exploring this new hobby of mine quickly became somewhat of a obsession wanting to try find more to read. Everything seems Good to me, no matter what I readied, I enjoyed reading it without the inking of criticism. Hell I even readied Zhan Long for upwards of 500 chapters, if I probably readied that now I wouldve rather torture myself. So you could see as a person envelopes this new experience, as long they are grabbed by the first few chapters, they would enjoy it no matter how outrageous it seems. If this novel was there nearly three years ago when I first started reading, I could easily imagine myself giving it a five stars.

But it wasnt, I started reading this novels after touching on dozens of others novel that I readied when it became my newest hobby. Im more experience now, while criticism may destroy my enjoyment, it something I inevitably develop when I readied enough. Something unavoidable, youre not as forgiven when the author does things that just borders s*upidity and rationality.

People who reached this point, they are not longer able to go back into that first touch of naive. We judged more critically, at times we try and find that first touch but to no prevail. We respect novels that are able to bring amazing story to life, and abhor those that just are just mindless seemly cash grabs or endless character reasoning that makes us questions the intelligence of the author.

As for this novel, while it isnt a cash grab, nor to the degree where you simply wish to beat the author for the imagination for producing such a childish character. Theres nothing that stands out from it, It has been a month since I readied upwards towards Ch.350. I can barely remember a third of the story, I dont even remember the characters name. A story testament is characterize on how memorable that it could last even years forgetting only a few parts. Yet I cannot remember this story, I have a decent memories, as a testimony, I could remember and list the first five web novels I readied and give a reasonable background on it.

This novel is simply a MMORPG, Im not saying it as a criticism, I state it in a way where it wasnt able to define itself. Theres no Story in my part, theres nothing interesting or new.

And that is what this novel is, A basic MMORPG for rookie, which is fine however if it was intended for someone like I, Then its horrendous. A basic MMORPG is really simply a novel which it progress; leveling up, fight some boss and almost dying to it, then becoming the hottest sh*t that damn world is going to see. However even the traits I criticize above, can be done in a way which keeps the readers interested. But novels like these, all it does is simply at a unrefined level, they havent done it in a way which amazes me. You cannot force the Main Character on some Grand quest and considered that a story. Its not enough, at times, it merely a excuse for the MC to become powerful. Having a decent story would entices the readers to continue reading, despite that most MMORPG these days lack that.

Novels like Peerless White emperor, it has a decent story that covers more important storyline in the real world. While These basic novels uses the real world at most of the times to show off to their peers of their brilliant success. I mean this has a story, it slows perhaps not a masterpiece however it allures you with their mystery which slowly unravels as we learn more about the character. It has a story, it uses the Game as a comedy relief although quite long.

Others Like Evil Dragon Against the Heaven, it uses the blend of mixing Real life and the game as a mystery. The character is even more arrogant that any Hottest sh*t you ever going to find. Yet manages to balance it out decently as the character is still quite reasonable. While the story isnt necessary the best youll see, it still triumph all these novels without a decent story.

And lastly, We have the second Web Novel Ive ever Readied, Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. If you readied the novel then you know it has a lot of similar traits. The Main Character grinds a lot, does epic quest that nobody else is able to perform, become one of the strongest player in the world, and becoming ridiculous overpowered. It seems almost identical if we were only comparing similar traits, however anyone who readied it knows that LMS is nothing like that. Because what really stands out is the story telling, He may become the strongest player but we all know that he went through a lot of adventure for that. In the first two volumes alone, he went into the sky, went to the far north and then lead a army of orcs. Its grandeur in such a unbelievable scale that you were interested in the huge grand world story telling.

I mean heres the thing, becoming stronger and rising to the top isnt a bad thing. Anyone that knows shounen, knows that the MC is going to become stronger, hell become hokage, find one piece and etc in the end. Its the process and the journey that the MC goes through in which we continue giving our support. Any novels that fails to properly gain this support, will feel bland as if the Leading Character is simply cheating his way through no matter his difficulties.

I agree with most of the other reviews here that it pissed of at the novel. It starts out great, being a classic second chance, lets remake my life in this virual world novel but turns out to get worse and worse for every chapter.

For some reason with no explination most players including the top experts are spending their time in the game sitting around in taverns or pubs drinking and still manage to compete with the players that spend all their time leveling up, doing insane hidden quests with insane rewards or gathering gear. Appernatly there is some form of hidden exp buff there that the dear Author just decided not to tell us about.

Apperantly fights are played out so fast with basic attacks that a 0.03 difference in reaction speed is enough to decide it. At this point the Author took the agility stat which SHOULD decide how fast you can attack and threw it out the window.

MC at this point is ridicolously OP because he completed several hidden unique quest and got insane luck with drops. His attributes at this point is enough to be as strong as a berserker and fast as an assassin. Oddly enough he isnt faster then a berserker that put all his attribute points into strength along with all his gear being focused on strength aswell even though they are the same level.

Everytime the MC realise he needs alot more money fast for whatever reason, his first decision is ALWAYS to give away money or increase his expenses. Ohhh I need to collect 30 000 gold for this quest thats due in one day? Lets increase the rewards everyone in the guild gets by killing our rival guild. We have 10 000 members so if each one of them kills one and we increase the rewards by one silver thats just 100 gold extra. Who cares?

Blacksmithing and leveling. Once again, for no reason other then that the plot demands it our MC can apperantly keep up his blacksmithing level and normal level when compared to the players that either A) Is spending all their time in the game creating items with blacksmithing, or B) spending every waking moment in the game leveling up with the help of a full guild. The explination for B is that the MC can kill high level mobs which grants extra exp but if that works why arent EVERY OTHER GUILD DOING THE SAME?!

Around chapter 380 the author decides to switch his lanes from a gaming, virutal novel story to a wuxia one. Every chapter we see insane bullsh*t wuxia techniques like void steps, omnivision, tripple cut e.t.c. Which are FAR superiour to every other skill in the game. If you use void steps? Well then youre invisible. Omnivision? You apperantly got eyes in the back of your head now and are impossible to hit. Now dont get me wrong. I have nothing against wuxia but if these techniques exists and the MC knew how important they were, wouldnt he have spent every waking moment trying to learn them instead of spending the first 380 chapters proving how OP hidden skills in the game is. The author LITTERALLY said that in a fight where both players can use wuxia techniques, normal in game skills are useless because they take to long to use. Apperantly stats is also useless infront of the might of wuxia techniques. Who cares if your agility is 8 times that of mine? My wuxia bullsh*t will prevail! Another example of this is when the MCs arributes dropped by 80% and he till managed to fight a top of the line assassin with the best gear in the game by using bullsh*t wuxia. Agility? Whats that?

Every single person MC meets either is A) an unbarable as*hole that decides to accost the MC because they think he is weak, B) Likes the MC which means they are a future team member or C) Tries to extort items. Hey you! Give me the rewards of the boss and we wont kill you. WHO WOULD ACTUALY SAY SOMETHING LIKE THIS?! Who in their right mind would agree to it?

MCs halo dumbs everyone down. Litterally! We see several hidden enemies that are excellent in planing, managing to strategise everything thats happening in their favor, yet as soon as they come out of the shadows their IQ drops by 80%.

The public opinion is quite frankly ret*rded in this novel. We have our MC team, they have first clear on everything, everyone is praising their greatness. Then they focus on questing for two days and another guild manages to take a first clear. All of a sudden EVERYONE starts to hate on the guild and memebers are leaving because they obiously cant compete with the other guild that got a first clear. HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE?!

Money rains from the sky if your coorperation is big enough apperantly. Companies is throwing in BILLIONS into the game because it seems this game will be really big. Now there is a small problem with that. Why would a company throw in so much money into the game when they arent getting any profit out from it and they arent getting any PR value? The companies are apperantly betting on the fact that they can trade gold for real money later on so if they conquer enough of the game they will earn back their money. What happens when every other company does so aswell? The gold price will crash, wont be worth anything and the company will have lost billions. No realistic firm would throw so much money into anything unless they can get a clear profit for it in the end.

Author quite obviously dont play online games himself or have any idea how much a thousand people really is. Every fight we read about 2000 players gathering or 5000 players doing that. I dont think he has any idea how hard it is to gather 50 players to do anything, much less 1000. Hey you 1000 guild members? Stop levling up, come gather here, we have a party of 6 to kill. Even if it just takes them 15 minutes, thats 15 000 minutes they collectivly lost that they could have used to do other things. Why would they join? Oh thats right, apperantly they get paid which once again ties into point 10. Why would a company pay 10 000 people a montly sallery when there isnt any clear profit from it? Exposure? Much easier to wait and see which guilds will come outon top and then offer to sponsor them instead of throwing money left and right without knowing if their choice will prevail in the end.

At the beginning of the novel, the author always said that MC feels guilty for just giving work to his parents, and never taking care of them right.

I read 1400 chapters, and MC did not even visit them. Hes rich, and he never sent money to them. The reason? he was afraid his parents would be worried and ask where the money came from.

Honestly, I do not understand the author.

The MC gains an item so he can ignore 10 levels of 1 item. If it is at level 40, you can use level 50 items. But it continues using level 40 item, I do not understand why.

The author has a tendency to delay things.

He got a chest that can give you 50 ~ 150 points of mastery, that could help him damn well. It has gone through several chapters, and the author has never used it, I do not understand why...

To get an idea, the MC got a box that comes with legendary items, and it takes time to open it. The author took more than 100 chapters to open this.

I read up to chapter 1400, and MC level was nearing 60. Before he reincarnated, it was 200, and it has been said, 200 is only the limit of a mortal.

If in 1400 chapters he is close to level 60, how long will it take for him to reach level 200?

MC makes a fantastic use of rebirth, managed to get many op items, did the quests superbly, and among many other things. And then you think: wow, MC is very op!

Then the author starts introducing new character, and says that he is strong. So you think Idai that he is strong? MC used the advantage of rebirth, must be much stronger than everyone who is there kkk.

No, this is not how it works. MC used the advantage of the rebirth, managed to get many op items that leaves him well above the other players, and even so, when going to fight in PVP, always fight on equal terms with the other guy. He always has to use his trump or have to make a difficult fight to win.

Oh really? with the amount of op item he has, I expected him to beat his enemies easily, and no problem, but no... when the author starts introducing a new strong character, and he starts to fight the MC, its a sacrifice pro MC to win. In most fights he always has to use everything to win.

If youve gotten a lot of op items that defy the sky, and yet you can not easily win from your opponents, whats the point of being reborn then?

The story was nice in the beginning, but it just get bad the further you read.

Firstly, the MC gets way OP as the story goes by. Its was OK if it was PVP, but against monsters tooo?

For example, he introduced a monster that in the past life needed over thousands of people with levels way over him to kill. And he managed to kill the monsters at low levels with a team fewer than a thousand. How can lvl a team of level 40s and 50s kill a mob when thousands of lvl 100s are needed.

And this cycle alway repeats, he found something good, guild wars ensues, he uses his hidden card and win. He goes farming, meet insane monsters, get something good, guild wars ensue, he use another hidden card newly found.

And his drop is insane, alway getting whatever he needs at the right time.

The story just get repetitive and ridiculous as it progresses.

and the crafting, at first it was you can only use one blueprint per person, as the story progresses, one blueprint can be learnt by multiple people

And the underground fighting, its like the author just chuck it aside, then decide to bring it back as and when he likes it.

What is the worst part is the so call Godness Snow that looks like its the main herione this character pretty much ruin the novel for me if you can pass her then this is novel becames a little better.

Now my problem with her is how the MC keep bringing her into the plot when she could be a disaster for him,


because she is a horrible player that is super rich and arogant that destroy anyone that don`t play ball with her and our MC for no reason at all keeps her very close to him.

We all know how this novels work so it makes no sense this force romance. When I read this novels I want a good game, good loots, a team of likeble characters and the MC going to zero to hero but here we have a broken game that can criple your acc with absurd gears, weapons and quests that can criple your acc like 50% less stats if fail quest, a terrible cast of players that call each other noob just because they are 1 level above you and a foolish MC revealing his impossible to know knowlege to a extreme arrogant woman that can give him not only a game over but maybe even some jail time for knowling so much.

Lots of poor reviews for this series, youll notice they havent read much of it. Theres a reason for that, the story starts slower and quickly picks up.

The MC is reincarnated to just before the game Gods Domain is released, after being betrayed and losing everything. He has tons of prior knowledge to back him up, and 10 years of experience playing the game. Hes super strong, but I dont think OP is the right way to describe it.

The MC isnt Over Powered, how on earth could you have 10


years of experience playing a game, be the leader of a huge guild, and dedicate your life to learning the game and all its secrets inside and out and not be strong? The MC is strong because of his hard work, insane effort, and countless failures. The MC gets tons of great and rare drops, but the author very clearly explains it all. The MC does hidden and unique quests, things he knows about from his 10 years of experience, and gets the crazy rewards from them. The MC kills monsters much stronger than himself, and gets the first kill, which nets him great gear. Every advantage the MC has stems from his hard work, effort, and the countless hours he spent researching the game in his past life. Nothing he gets is unearned or random.

I promise you, if you keep reading, all the points any negative review Ive read have brought up will be resolved. You dont like how quiet and reserved he is at the beginning? Keep reading, that changes in a mighty way. I cannot stress enough how awesome the series is, and how much I recommend it. Keep in mind, though, that in the beginning the MC hasnt done much, and he comes from 10 years in the future, so he knows a LOT and appears super powerful, things dont always go as planned though. As the story goes on, things get further from what the MC remembers, so no need to worry about it being boring.

TLDR; I cant recommend the story enough, just keep reading if you run into things you dont like theyll clear themselves up quickly. The author has a clear and well thought out road for the story and because of that everything fits together like an intricate puzzle. The only problem I have with the series is how many hours of sleep Ive lost because I couldnt stop reading!

I like seeing organizations being built up, the sense of progression. I also enjoy RPG games myself and that sort of progression. Its what attracts me to LitRPG style stories. This hits that sort of thing enough to have kept me reading. Unfortunately, there are also so many things wrong with this novel:

Everybody other than the MC is actually ret*rded. Other characters are incapable of basic pattern recognition, seeing beyond the obvious, or retaining memory longer than a goldfish. Each time some large guild is attacking the MCs guild with an overwhelming force, or the MC shows up with a smaller than expected amount of forces to something every bystander is like: Oh shit, theyre absolutely done for this time. or Damn, they only brought x amount of people? What idiots, theyre dead. Like those are fine the first one or two times, but after a dozen f*cking times and winning each time stunning everybody by their hidden depths you would think theyd realize that they have hidden cards up their sleeve. This entire time literally

character has recognized after the fact that despite the overwhelming odds he felt the MCs guild probably wouldnt lose that battle. You would think repeat villains would think something is fishy by the fourth time they plan on attacking and the MC is not acting as they expect after remembering how that turned out every other time.

The author has clearly never invested serious time into an MMORPG. The penalties on the higher level quests are ridiculous, as are those on some of the items. The balancing on certain items are also out of whack.

Power scaling is awful and inconsistent. On paper the MC should be absolutely terrifyingly OP, but at times he struggles against people that are weaker than him in terms of fighting ability, equipment, stats, level, tier, everything. Other times you have people fighting way above their ability. And sometimes the MC is soloing everything in sight.

The MCs guild is useless whenever something unexpected comes up. For every little thing he has to babysit them and hold their hand. Hes also the only one contributing anything of worth to the guild. Is nobody else doing any quests? So many of the people in his guild are super special people he poached early that he knew of from his previous life. Why do they do nothing on their own and require handouts from him?

Male characters become increasingly scarce and irrelevant. Poor poor Blackie. Actual IRL best friend is relegated to barely showing up. Whatever happened to that guy from the beginning who teamed up with him and Blackie anyway? Gone like the wind. Meanwhile a lot of his high level guild members that get screentime are female beauties, as well as his allies, even poached a former enemy because she was a hot chick. Even his NPC guards, his original super rare male one that he knew of from his previous life got overshadowed by a stronger prettier female.

Pacing, sense of time, and keeping track of story threads. Back in like chapter 700 he picked up a city construction order. That city didnt get built til like 800 chapters later. Im at 1734 and its been what? A couple of months IRL compared to his original 10 years? And hes like level 60 something. How long is this story going to go for? When is he going to get around to the other half dozen major quests he has going on right now?

EDIT: Updating now at chapter 2118 compared to the original 1734 when I wrote this review.

Things have not changed. Literally still the same cycle of pissing off a big power Oh no, Zero Wing has ended., pulling something out of his ass Wow, is this Zero Wings true background? I must join Zero Wing! The guild can literally bring out 100 expert level players that slaughter multiple experts in the Realm of Refinement/Micro Level from multiple first-rate and half-super guilds ganging up on them while the MC instakills the absolute top tier famous experts, and then a couple days later people will be like Oh shit, Zero Wing is really f*cked this time the next time something happens.

Its a typical Gary Stu story where the protagonist not only has all the knowledge of a time looper, but also all the luck of a CN protagonist, and plot armor thicker than Mt. Tai. Its best if you go in expecting him to be unreasonably awesome at everything, and for him to receive rewards that are far greater than the amount of effort he put in to get them.

In general, things will always go the MCs way, and if it looks like theyre not for one or two sentences,


then you should just read the third sentence because things will be going his way again by then if its not the end of the chapter. If it is the end, then you should probably skip the first third of the next chapter as itll be irrelevant people explaining why the MC is screwed. Once theyre done, hell roflstomp whatever the problem is, humiliate anyone in the area that was mildly unfriendly to him in the past, gain an unrealistic degree of admiration from any named character in the vicinity and the shock and adulation of the crowd before the story, if you can call it that, can move on.

Its not as bad as Rebirth of the Thief or Zhang Long, but thats honestly a very low bar. Read it if youve got nothing better to do, youve read all the much better novels out there with a similar premise, and youre absolutely desperate for more, regardless of quality.

I have never heard of this Shi Feng, that proves he must be weak. He must be tired of living to challenge me so confidently. My strength is obvious for all to see, and yet he challenged me even though he knows perfectly well the exact extent of my strength. That only shows that he has lost his sanity. There is no other possible reason why someone whose strength I havent gauged would be confident against me even though Ive just shown them exactly how strong I am.

Spectator: Antagonist is using his Heavenly Lotus Seven Bloomings technique. Shi Feng is truly finished this time, this technique is too fast, it is impossible to dodge. The Heavenly Lotus Seven Bloomings first appeared in the Abyss Dragon Kingdom, a 3-star kingdom. Now, a 3-star kingdom is an heaven defying existence, not something a mere 2-star kingdom can hope to compare to. It is only weaker than a 4-star kingdom, so yo