Phantom Kid in the World of American Comics

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He is a bastard who tries to trample all American police under his feet-GCPD.

He is like the 21st century Robin Hood, who can easily disguise himself as the person you are most familiar with. We are not even sure whether he is a he or her-CIA

We may have to spend a lifetime to hunt him down, but in the end, it is mostly useless-FBI

The magician under the moonlight of. His risk assessment is very complicated, but we can at least be sure that he is much more skilled than most members of the Avengers-SHIELD,

In this world, treasures, and beauties are the most indispensable- Mathison

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Phantom Kid in the World of American Comics

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The premise is certainly not original: Its about a human who transmigrated into a new world, but its a weird synthetic western world. It has a mix of marvel, DC, and several other western movies, like Hannibal, Johnny English, Kingsman, etc...

The story is about Mathison Fang, a transmigrator, enacting the role of phantom kid in this world. He sends prompt letters to the police and the concerned


party in advance before enacting the theft.

Its honestly quite interesting to see a novel thats isnt pure power fantasy tr*sh nowadays. Seeing the main character and even side characters use their brains, fight wits and courage with each other, predict the others plan, solve mysteries is quite exciting.

The main character grows stronger with each successful theft, so it wont be surprising if he steals the infinity gems from Thanos or the anti-life equation from Darkseid in the future.

Hi guys, I dont know why 3 peoples decided to rate this novel 1 star. Im a fan of Kaito kid, I watched the animes and the films where he appear. And seriously, this novel take a lot of its story from kaito kid like the childhood friend being the daughter of the lead cop, MC style, and some other things... but its the reason why the novel is good!

The author seems to have really understood kaito kid style and managed to make the MC really lovable thanks to that.


Its like a second kaito kid but inside a strange word where the MC will maybe learn to delevop his own character and powers further. So yeah if you like/love kaito kid theres a good chance you will feel yourself nostalgic (to the point of listening to the 2 openings of the anime endlessly) and if you dont know kaito kid you will find a real gentlemany thief in the MC in quite an interesting world.

Oh and thanks a lot to reincarnation palace for their quick translation of high quality which is another good news for avid readers like me, tftc like they say.

What makes this special is that this series is that the MC is a thief that planned out his heist and faces the exveptional characters that would be his enemies like batman, ironman, bane, etc


Battles is mostly won by the MC succesfully running away with his stolen treasure. With the MC not being overpowered and bruteforcing everything either.

The fanfic is no big deal, the author did a lousy job of making the story engaging and when representing DC and Marvel, it often feels like Im reading a generic Chinese novel. The MC robberies are not creative magicians like in Magic Kaito, its easy to see at several points that a good part of the problems of most bad Chinese novels are present in this fanfic.

Its easy to spot scenes that look like generic face-slap story provocations, young master or Junior you dare vibes, and some extreme but


well-hidden prejudice against American officials.

The worst of the fanfic are several extremely s*upid moments like a hero declaring in his civilian identity that he was injured fighting a villain, or the MC saying that if the government finds out that there is no nuclear bomb in the city they will throw a nuclear bomb in the city to solve a problem that could be solved by sending the army or iron man.

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