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Free Life Fantasy Online a.k.a. FLFO.

Tsukishiro Kotone receives this game as gift from her little sister and starts playing.

The characters race she has selected was one of Inhuman races for enthusiasts.

A race said to be bad even among Inhuman races that are known to be difficult a Zombie.

Free Life Fantasy Online: Ive Started Immortal Princess

Free Life Fantasy Online ~Beginning of the Inhuman Princess~

Free Life Fantasy Online ~Immortal Princess Hajimemashita~

Free Life Fantasy Online ~Jingai Hime Sama, Hajimemashita~

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Now then, there are a lot of reviews from folk who only read the first 20 or so chapters complaining about too much focus on cooking, which is reasonable to a point. A focus on crafting will appeal to some more than others, and there is a lot of it early on. It would be a shame to give up on it even if you are not fond of the crafting though.


as the protagonist decides to try more things and start exploring. Theres no great, world shaking plot. Not much in the way of characters changing due to life altering experiences. But thats fine too, sometimes. Its a story about a bunch of gamers enjoying an interesting game.

I was interested in this story after hearing that it fixes so many problems that were present in OSO, however after reading ~20 chapters of FLFO the sad reality is that it trades some problem for other (more obnoxious) problems.

The main problem I had with OSO was the MC himself and the story, FLFO seems to fix this by making the MC even more bland and forgettable. I mean Ive read the first 20 chapters and the MC never actually expresses a personality or an original thought the entire time.

Why in the world does the MC randomly get so dead set on suicide exploring past her level? (Aside from the story really forcing the first evolution to be EX)

How in the world does the MC suddenly get top tier cooking skill levels in only a couple days? Despite the fact that non-player cooked food is apparently horrendous? (e.g. The demand should be high, and no, the lack of ingredients thing makes no sense either)

How does the MC with no apparent gaming skills or history with games, suddenly have top tier server wide power level? (And no, the zombies give lots of exp, but players dont like them is laughably terrible as an excuse, and her ability to 100% always parry everything for free with automatic counter damage is beyond dumb)

Or how does a basic parry skill allow you to straight up take no damage from world event raid bosses? When the same attack one-hit-KOs entire squads of players only seconds earlier?

How does the mob players comments make any sense? Theyre randomly jacking off just from seeing her walk past them in town... Just... What? From all the illustrations the exposure level of her dress is quite low. Is every other female in that world a washboard?

The player population is also non-nonsensical, apparently there are only 3 total non-human race players in the entire game, the story only mentions the existence of less than 10 crafters in the game, the players are also shown as being unable to clear the surrounding field bosses, but somehow, at the same time, the world event suddenly has over 10, 000 players participating?! Where the f$@ are all these people normally?!

The NPC sentience level is more disturbing than realistic. If they had as much awareness as necessary to have the conversations shown the novel, the world would be in utter chaos, permanently.

The story seems bent on making the MC both the cute ignorant happy-go-lucky chill type, when also trying to make her a top-tier power level character that many world events will revolve around (e.g. Making her the only royal type). These points conflict a lot.

This will be my first review that Ill be writing on this site, I stumbled across this novel when the translator did a mass release alongside another novel that Ive been following from them.

At the time I didnt have anything else to read so I thought I might as well check this out expecting it be just another wholesome VRMMO-theme similar to OSO (Only Sense Online) And the alike.

But after reading the available chapters I was caught off guard, Im enjoying the setting and atmosphere that this


series has going for it and I found myself chuckling at the small gags and dialogues between the characters.

Starts off interesting but its starting to really get dull especially in the most recent chapters, so Im struggling to keep motivation on reading it further. Part of it I think is due to the author or translator switching between present and past tense every other paragraph which really screws with me.

The main problem I have with the series is that the more I read about Anastasia, the more I think shes a Mary Sue or close to it. Shes


described as really pretty, everyone likes her, shes extremely strong in combat, she has a unique race that only she can have, a super amazing cook and more.

Most of it is really me not liking how she focuses most of her time with cooking and now also crafting and somehow still being considered one of the most powerful players in combat. It really spits on the efforts of these players whom focus all their time grinding fighting related skills and yet being inferior to this literal casual player.

For all the faults of Only Sense Online, its made really clear there that Yun cant really compare to players that focus all their time into fighting... in

. This is not the case here and I really hope that as time passes in the story, Anastasia will find her bullsh*t parrying that somehow negates ALL DAMAGE not working anymore. But I doubt thatll be the case since there were several cases where said BS parrying got upgraded.

Its just that such interesting things like Immortal players have to overcome dying in sunlight by grinding their regeneration skills or the threat of the starter town losing supplies by being cut off from other towns seemed to disappear after a certain point.

Im going to start by saying Ive never written a review on NU before. I think the novel is great, and is definitely a very fun, lighthearted, and comedic novel.

Im just going to do this by listing off pros, cons, and stuff that is kinda neutral. I have also read part of the RAWs (up to the listed chapter 104).

Novel has a very good Mythological and story background, the details are not some Ive seen a lot of elsewhere. The Mythology is very creative, and the story premise starts differently


Novel has pretty good comedy interactions, be it interactions between players, players and npcs, or just between the npcs. Comedic actions are good too, funny stuff happens to people and theres a lot of funny accidents.

Novel is not afraid to be suggestive of bad topics (R-18) but it NEVER uses them in a bad context (like suggesting that it has happened), it only suggests it could happen (with consent) and offers ways to stop it from being forced in the story.

Novel spends WAY too much time describing crafting. The novel is a FDVRMMO novel, it is not a purely crafting based novel, so too much detail is not fun, especially for people who dont like crafting novels.

Novel MC is almost like a real life superhuman, her reflexes and responses arent realistic, they make the reader painfully aware shes fictional.

Novel gives everything to the MC easily, other than the beginning of the novel, she doesnt seem to need to work too much for anything. I know this IS supposed to be a light and fluffy novel, but it gets boring just watching everything happen like she is being delivered pie from the sky.

Novel does not give enough content with actions or scenarios involving the privileges she has gained, the authority that is given, and we dont see any action with it, other than a few short times, and a single long instance (and if I remember right it happens in a single chapter).

Novel is too quick to discard or change things, almost like the author is not thinking of the reader when writing, and that the author is writing without a plan, things can just disappear permanently without notice, and makes it hard if you liked certain things.

Novel MMO info can be VERY detailed, some people like this, and others are not happy with this, having info about a MMO thats not playable, deeming all these mechanics unnecessary.

Novel MMO has a lot of mechanics that arent realistic, some people will think this is ok, as its not a real MMO to begin with, and as such doesnt matter, and others think it has to be realistic as it doesnt make sense otherwise, and is a flaw in a story.

All in all, I enjoyed the novel VERY much (and am still waiting for more chapters), but the novel still has its flaws to fix in order for it to be rated 5 stars.

The story was very enjoyable, stress-free, no conflict no conspiracy (for the players, for NPCs maybe yes), the characters were all interesting, and unique game world setting.

The unique game setting here was Cthulhu myth almost everywhere plus another common fantasy elements. The vice chief god here was goddess Stella (Yog-Sothoth) who rule over all outer gods/beings (?) in the abyss. And the protagonist (Princess-sama) for now was the only one among the players who meet goddess Stella in person (?) because the protagonist evolved from zombie ~ immortal princess ~ low rank outer beings (and now in the newest raw chapter she is preparing for evolve again) waiting new raw chapter.

If youre an Only Sense Online fan, chances are youre gonna like this. Since the two series are very similar Im going to be making a lot of comparisons between the two. Krytyks got it pretty much spot on in one of their posts in that its like OSO but without the flaws.

The series strikes a good balance between the crafting parts of the game, the battles, the events, and the real life aspects. FLFO is mainly slife-of-life in that the characters are just a bunch of people having fun


playing games, unlike other gaming stories with a serious take on the genre. Even when large events are taking place the dialogue feels much like if you were in a guild or playing an MMORPG. Our female lead, Anastasia (a.k.a. Princess), is pretty overpowered in every aspect. She has a race exclusive to herself, shes smart, shes a high level cook, shes strong, and shes a graceful beauty with F cup breasts. While Anastasia is strong, Id say her strength is more within top 10 or 20 strongest players rather than Overgeared Grids level of OPness. So yeah she is basically a Mary Sue but its not to a ridiculous level.

Compared to OSO theres no gender misunderstandings, no cheap romantic subplot, and the biggest plus to me is that the MCs little sister doesnt steal the spotlight (I hated Myu in OSO and I know Im not the only one). Add to that Krytyks amazing translations and Id say you got a story worth reading.

Dont listen to that incorrigible stick in the mud over there. FLFO is a light hearted FDMMO novel with no added components. It reads something closer to Genocide Online or Small Village Tridente. Overall its a fun, not too serious time.

World building is slow which I dont mind, Actual game mechanics are tr*sh and nonsensical. The author gives us almost no details about skills unless its convenient. Actually speaking of convenient of course the racial spawn has a secret area thats easily found by a casual playing school girl and of course she suicide rushes it for days searching for stuff and of course she succeeded and gets a god


tier evolution path and of course she comes back after evolving and gets a god tier weapon and armour set that never breaks and will always be relevant. As an MMO game that kind of game breaking bullsh*t is unacceptable but the author explains it away as the management just felt like it lol.

The entire premise of leveling is to get stronger, specialise and upgrade wherein our protagonist gets top tier equipment in THE STARTING LOCATION. Also a quick rant on the character creation, so lets see, alright gotta scan your measurements and you can only modify it by 5cm K, but you can also play as inhuman characters like a slime (lol) or a horse (lol). No, why can you not completely change your character but you can play as a sexy radish (Im not joking) its s*upid and makes no sense. In fact everything wrong about the game world is thrown at management management got too into it so theres a lot of inhuman races is lazy writing and terrible design

I suppose I should write some positives too, the character interactions are lighthearted and somewhat enjoyable (not you peak AI technology) the translation is pretty decent and the idea behind this novel is great but poorly designed.

All together the novel is bad, the whole system has huge plotholes, though the story is chill there is too much cooking and fights are very predictable.

I would not recommend this novel to anyone that actually plays games or likes to understand what theyre reading. If you Must read this turn your brain off and turn your eyes from things you dont understand

As a reader, sometimes things are explained in too much detail. But I grew to like cooking/alchemy being explained in depth. Theres a couple of early chapters where cooking takes up about 6 chapters in a row, which grew stale, but the author seemed to strike a good balance later on.

There isnt a whole lot of plot going on, just slow MMO progression, explanation of


systems and revealing of world lore + changing combat styles slightly.

This truly is the daily quest of web novels. Binging up to chapter 88, the pacing was a little slow but deserved with the amount of detail fit in, but I have a feeling it might end up dragging and ill end up dropping it if I read as the chapters are released.

The MC is an avid gamer because her sister is a top gamer, very unique story line where rather than the MC being top 1 rank in tournament and stuff like other VRMMO story its her sister and acquaintance that got top 10 very interesting recommend to read

As person who claims to read it for 20chp yet still ask in spoiler How does the MC with no apparent gaming skills or history with games, suddenly have top tier server wide power level? (And no, the zombies give lots of exp, but players dont like them is laughably terrible as an excuse, and her ability to 100% always parry everything for free with automatic counter damage is beyond dumb)

1. Shes a gamer the same as her sisters seeing she even know an item in reference to dark Souls items (dark Souls a hard game for hardcore gamer in case you didnt know), everytime her sister buy game she also played it with her.

2. Zombies didnt give a lot of EXP if you actually read it shes on the late bloomer in the top players as even ske San (honehone the skeleton) out level her since shes more cook focused that combat at beginning, she barely hanging at being top players because of her race skills (leadership skills) shes not kiritod whos solo players but out level guild players which doesnt make f*cking Senses in MMO lol

3. She cant Parry and counter everything, she can only Parry one attack at times not simultaneously, which why skills [arrows rain] was her weakness, also she cant Parry explosion skills but only nullify and reduce the damage to minimum with Burst skills with opposite elements.

Shes not kiritod she can be defeated and shes not top 1 in power rankings, yes shes op but not without weaknesses as immortal are unbalanced race unlike human (ske San for example is almost immune to stab damage but can be one shot with light element magic)

4. The game is only about 1 month from the moment the launch which why MC and her sister and acquaintance is 1st batch players (only about 200k people second batch add 400k more after 1 month release of the game) only 3 in human character appears at first because in human seem less popular but about 2000 race was confirmed for in human including their evolution by management (in human refer not just undead or immortal but all monsters species such as wolf, golem, horse, fairy, sexy mandrake etc)

5. From the beginning if you read carefully You will notice the amount of gaming references the MC made which indicates shes an avid gamer and this is confirmed because she often accompany her siscon lil sis with every game she played (MC lil sis is pro gamer and won at rank 2 in beta tournament which where the MC dive gear come from) in case you didnt know cuz seem you did because you judge her as cute ignorant happy-go-lucky chill type, when also trying to make her a top-tier power level character that many world events will revolve around

6. I dont even know where you got information about non human players cook is bad lol up to chapter 20 only a few town near starting town is unlocked and the food the players reference as bad is field ration food Which only to be said as not that great Not horrendous

7. The MC got top cooking skills on after few days in real time (which is longer in game time world) and its only a month in game and MC level up her alchemy and cooking more than her base character level so ofc at first 20 chapter which only at time span of 1 month shes recognized as top cook or crafter and only few crafter appears in the first batch, in later chapter she will not be top cook anymore and more crafter character appear after second and third batch get in the game

There will be no end if I point out whats wrong with the information you point out but its seem to me that rather than reading The novel you just skimmed it through and just said yup doesnt make sense Lol I didnt blame for skimming especially with its skills and stuff but dont got blaming that its not make sense if you do so especially proudly saying things that literally make you seem like a s*upid clown because your information from skimming doesnt match with the real information from the novel lol

The novel is actually really fun. If you really read and comprehend the flow, the author doesnt really focus on any just 1 skill/aspect of the MC and shows the MCs perseverance in grinding away for the skills she really wants. The author doesnt only focus on one aspect either making the MC capable of also being a great cook and crafter. Like in OSOs case, this novel is really light and


fun; no need to worry about something too deep. I think this novels for people whos looking for something light to read after reading through something deep.

Its very clear that the author also isnt only focusing on MC being the top. The author distributed well the top ranks to other players, making it clear that there are still people more powerful and greater than the MC. I saw some comments saying the MCs parrying skill is BS but for me, its onpy a matter of course since the MC is grinding and giving much of her time for it to be better than the present since it is her style. Didnt this also apply to the other players though? Every player present have their own play style that they focuses on and get their places at the top ranks. Isnt that the case? Also, MCs being a unique race is accidental. However, since attaining that extra race, she did her best to further evolve. Being unique also doesnt pnly apply to the MC since ahe shared the info about it allowing the other players, mainly the immortals, to also evolve into an extra race themselves.

Of course, there are also some negatives about this novel like the thing about it providing too much info/description on cooking or crafting. But that in itself is also fun for certain people who enjoys reading specifics details such as this. (Im one of them)

Overall, the novel is great for people who enjoyed OSO even if there is no particular special plot twist in the story. (Though for me, the MC is very goal-oriented since she grinds several hours a week to achieve her goal)

Pretty decent so far. Not too heavy into crafting nor does it feel to much like the MC just has infinite luck. Well see how it develops for the time being.

The action and adventure tags dont even deserve to be there, 25 chapters in and 80% of the chapters have been about nothing but the authors unadulterated wet dream over cooking. Tournament that rewards rare skill points? No thanks, would rather spend a couple of chapters on making bread, followed by some more chapters on making sausage. On the day of the tournament, bam, time to sell hotdogs! Wow!!! How has nobody ever thought of such an exhilarating plot for an action/adventure/fantasy VRMMO novel before?!

The game world is (scary) realistic. Pretty much every npc have a fluid conversation to player but I have seen some of the VRMMO novel that gone in this direction as well so it isnt something new. The part where MC just always stumble onto the secret part of the game everytime might not ok for some reader but if you like bofuri then this isnt really a problem. There isnt really much of an expression coming out of...more>

MC thought but there is always a bit here and there about MC (Both inside and outside the game) I would say that this novel is a bit bending into crafting but didnt slack off on the battle side.

Theres a mentioning on MC (by her sister) that pretty much everything about her body (Both look and strengh) came from her focusing her efford into it since kindergarten. Common point of VRMMO novel is player skill is the most important aspect of the game so MC which have stronk (Not look like it at all) would be good that VR stuff.

This might be a bit bias for me. The novel didnt really free of the flaw either like how time management of novel didnt add up or how bs MC became with evolution.

Next one is just me ranting so dont read itSpoiler

Thats aside, here is the real reason I write this review :

I just scroll through some review and frungys review is kinda stick out so I kinda want to make a counter agruement on that

- If I remember correctly. He read only up to c20 which the only part of suicide part is her getting into the room for evolution pathWHICH IS APUZZLE.Did you expect her to go out farming untile max level and come back to tank the trap damage until she got to the room?

- She cook in real life (If you tell me that you can cook 1 or 2 menu irl, it isnt. Because she do many type of dish like real cook. Not someI can cook enough to feed myselftype). Also she got overtaken later on so it isnt like she is the top or anything which you wont get to know since you read to c20.

- I mention this abouve but pretty much every VRMMO novelemphasizeon the PS part so she is good at using her body. And the skill mention that it giveassistanceas well.

- There isnt a mention about MC taking no damage. Parry is a mean to avert the impact. Not recieving it directly. But it isnt mean that MC take no damage. Are you type of assuming it yourself?

- The player who haverealimpure though getting a direct hit by GM so those just joke comment. Also you like big boob??

- Inhuman player is about 10% of the population. Which again, you wont know since you cut it short. And there are also a bunch of top player which the story didnt mention since it wouldnt have any impact in the story but you assuming there arent anymore crafter or top player in the 20000 bunch?

- What are you? You want realistic respond from the story but when it became realistic on the world setting you scare of it? You.......

- Yes. Thats what MC of the story is.

All in all. I look into your other review on other novel too and I only see that you giving only 1-2 star on everything you review. What is that? Also the one that you really like, you didnt even give it a score? Its seem to me like your taste is g.....

Classic case of author focusing more on the end of a journey rather than on the journey itself. You can see quite a few times that the author doesnt really care what happens in the middle, they only focus on the end. For example, the main character at the start exploring areas way above her level for no reason. Then upon finding a secret area thats clearly not meant for low levels, she kept suiciding into it. Does any of it make any sense? It was clearly so the main


character could finally get some plot armor, I suppose.

Ive only read to chapter 20 and the main character is as bland as she could be. Conversations she has do feel real in any sense of the word. It genuinely feels like an AI created a conversation.

The protagonist does too many things and is somehow at the top level in each of them, sometimes by far, so one moment shes cooking for several chapters, then shes doing alchemy for several chapters, then suddenly shes in the dungeon for several chapters, etc. Somehow she can be the best at all these things and still get her full 9 hours of sleep and do all of her school work and house work with no problems.

Overall Ive had a lot of fun reading


it. My only real problem is that at this point the authors writing has severely slowed down so theres not enough to read.

hooray, I love this translator (s work). VRMMO WNs is a favourite of mine and I was not disappointed. Stopped reading at around ch 40-50 cause I got bored and other WNs caught my attention but this is a good read so far and you wont be disappointed

The combat side of the series is pretty much just as well made as every other full dive VR novel, and while there are parts I dislike about it not enough to hurt the series but this book goes way way too far into cooking... If it wasnt for the cooking I would like this novel but after multiple chapters of pure cooking, its just painful. A combat tournament is happening and the main characters reaction was to sell food there so you get 2-3 chapters of her cooking and


then barely any content on the actual tournament itself, all you know is who the winners are... They spent more time having her sister talk to the GMs about the mcs food than the actual tournament itself.

Theres also the issue of this girl is a non-dedicated (goes to school and doesnt commit all of her time to playing) player and she spends a lot of her time in-game cooking and yet somehow she is still an overpowered top player which would be impossible without terrible game balance. You also have the terrible drop systems in these games, the first event dropped random crap from goblins and money, they didnt even get an event title or anything.

FLFO game setting (especially the goddesses) based on H.P.L mythos then the MC would evolve and be part of that kind of race

Theres dungeon monsters magic ability based catridge system YKWIM