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Coming up with realistic and cool fantasy character names requires a huge level of creativity. Unlike everyday names like Katie or Jimmy, fantasy names are highly unusual to spell and say out loud. Theeveryday namecan be changed into a fantasy name with a few tweaks. Take for example the name Kate could be Katrel or even Katrilla. With these few tweaks, an everyday name has been transformed into something from a fantasy novel. The important things to remember with Fantasy names is that they should match the personality of your character. If you are naming an evil, selfish elf, you could call him Delvin or Dracyian. That sounds a whole lot more evil than a name like Darvyn or Eldar.

Our list of fantasy character names covers a range of mythical names from male fantasy names for humans to dragon names and even names for unicorns. Whether youre writing afantasy storyof an old, ancient dragon or a whimsical tale offairiesgetting attacked by elves, we got you covered.

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Click any of the images below to jump to the different types of fantasy character names for your character:

Try using some of these fantasy names in our dailycharacter challengewhere you can describe a new character each day.

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Heres a sneak peek of the female fantasy names generator in the app:

We also recommend this awesome freefantasy book title generator, it comes with over 120 cool fantasy book title ideas. Also, try out ourfantasy world name generatorfor some cool world name ideas.

Fantasy humans can be fighters, warriors, healers and even magicians. They can range from being pure evil to the wise old ones. Male or female, here is our list of fantasy names for your human characters.

Strong, wise or evil Choose the best-suiting name for your male character:

Warrior princess or servant Let your name define your female fantasy character:

Keeper of the skies or lord of the flame, what kind of dragon name will you choose for your dragon?

For more cool dragon names, check out our brand-newdragon name generator It has over 1,000 dragon name ideas!

These are not your typicalChristmas elvesworking at Santas workshop. They are fierce, magical, wise and maybe even pure evil- What name will you call your elf?

From blacksmith elves to high-elves of some magical land What will you name your male elf?

Will she possess some magical power or be handy with a bow and arrow Choose a name for your female elf:

For more unique elf names, check out ourelf name generator It has over 1,000 fantasy elf name ideas!

They might be small, but that doesnt make them any weaker than you and I. They can possess anything from crafting skills to herbal potions and antidotes.

What kind of male dwarf will your fantasy tale have? Will he be grouchy, funny or sly? WellThat all depends on what you name your male dwarf:

Will your female dwarf be sweet or a crafty little creature with ill intentions? Name your female elf with a name to match her personality:

Unicornsare majestic creatures. Magical, cute, colourful and mysterious Choose the perfect unicorn name:

For more fantasy character names, check out ourfree online fantasy name generator tool. It has over 100,000 combinations of names to choose from:

Need some more inspiration for your fantasy characters? Take a look at this amazing guide onhow to draw fantasy characters from your imagination(Amazon Affiliate link). This guide has hundreds of amazing fantasy characters for you to draw and find inspiration from! It even comes with practical tips on how to draw your own stunning fantasy characters:

Another must-have for fantasy fans is thisbeginners guide to fantasy drawing. It includes step-by-step guidance on how to draw your own fantasy characters and even includes hundreds of visually beautiful illustrations to inspire you! Take a look now:

Writing a fantasy story Why not publish it online? You can sign-up for free andpublish your storyfor your friends to read and provide feedback on! In the meantime, let us know your favourite fantasy character name from our mega list above in the comments below.

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