Dark fantasy visual novel The 13th Month launches August 6 f

, a Japanese-developedvisual novelthat reimagines the tale of, will launch forPCviaSteam, as well as iOS and Android on August 6, publisherKodanshaand developerKobayashimaruannounced.

Here is an overview of the game, via itsSteam page:

The fate of the world is bound to a princess lost in an endless sleep The famous fairy taleSleeping Beautyis completely reimagined and redesigned as visual novel with demonic imagination and originality, the creators will lead you through a fantastic and illusionary world

The princess was just too beautiful. She was given all the good qualities of this world, such things as beauty, grace, kindness, tolerance, and honesty. It would soon be the princess 16th birthday.

On the day of her birthday, a young girl visited the castle. She was a witch.

The witch spoke words of incantation, and the princess fell into an eternal sleep. The days would pass with none but the two girls together in the confines of the princess room.

On the 100th year of the princess sleep, a brave prince visited her sleeping form. The princes had been told by a wise man that the princess would awaken with a kiss. However, the princess would not awaken, and the prince defeatedly returned home.

Every 100 years a new prince would visit the princess. Heroes from history, legendary figures, people from alternate worlds Everyone tried to awaken the princess.

The witch, with the desire to protect the princess, would gaze with frigid eyes upon those who wished to awaken her.

What is the motive of this mysterious witch? What secret was entrusted to the princess? All is still unclear.

Let us open the magic door and look quietly in upon the sleeping princess. There we may find the answers to our burning questions.

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