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Gone with the Wind setting

An artist embodies attendant spirit in city

Bishop Sheen in Montana perhaps seeing Crow

Bugs British character and the rest American sent back

Bush with sharp spines: son lost much blood?

Director shows great intellect capturing scene after evacuation

Drink scrumpy occasionally with secretary

Entrance for bringing in antique article?

Explosion in House as GOP offers way foods pushed down

Finer arts bias essentially causing stagnation?

Fox conserving energy having paws thus endowed?

Honcho regarded as not seeing straight

Insane rave-up to involve northern arriviste

James in Iowa recreated Japanese island

Man mentioned belligerent and dark lover

Mary Jane left to spruce up clothes

More paintings by Emin initially put up

Naughty child brings sin into prominence

Spider perhaps too short snooker player one to save?

Still revolutionary keeps a role for US right-wingers

Tax case with Conservative going for suspension

Upstanding character, anti-beer, having slipped?

Voracious woman in shock at emergency room

Welshwoman about to be circled by daring moggy

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