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Browse categories are the sections of the Amazon site where customers can find your book. Think of browse categories like the sections of a physical bookstore (fiction, history, and so on). During title setup, youll choose two Browse Categories from a list. This list is based on theBISAC(Book Industry Standards and Communications) code. We use the two categories you choose, along with your selectedkeywords, to place your book into Amazon Categories. Learn more about categories and how to choose, view, and update them below.

Childrens or teen and young adult categories

Need help choosing categories and keywords?

Watch this video to learn how to make your book more discoverable on Amazon.

To make your book appear in the right Amazon categories, choose the two BISAC categories and keywords that best describe your book. While choosing categories, keep the below guidelines in mind.

Be accurate. Choose the most accurate categories based on your books central topic or storyline. Do not choose one category thats explicitly fiction and another thats explicitly nonfiction, or mix categories such as Fiction, Nonfiction, and Comics. We do not tolerate inaccurate or unexpected categorization that misleads or manipulates our customers.Note:do not use the Comics category for an illustrated book unless it is a fixed layout comic format book.

. Choose specific categories instead of general ones. Customers looking for specific topics will find your book more easily. Well display your book in the general categories as well. For example, a book in the FICTION Fantasy Historical category will also show up in searches for general fiction and general fantasy. Choose a General category only if your book is a general book about a broad topic.

. Choosing a single category will display your book in a variety of searches, so dont list your book in a category and its sub-categories. For example, dont choose FICTION Fantasy Historical and FICTION Fantasy. One specific, accurate category is more effective than a redundant second one.

and click the ellipsis button () under the KINDLE EBOOK ACTIONS, PAPERBACK ACTIONS, or HARDCOVER ACTIONS menu next to your book.

Under the Categories section, make your changes.

Go to the bottom of the page and click

On the book Pricing tab, click the publish button at the bottom of the page.

Categories you added from bookshelf wont match the website exactly. In KDP, you select BISAC categories while Amazon uses unique browse categories on the website. Learn more aboutBISAC subject codes

You can select two BISAC categories; we will then add your book to relevant Amazon categories once it is published.

See details ontimelines for new publications and updates to published books.

Note:Companion books, also referred to as summaries, study guides, or analysis books, cant be added to additional browse categories on Amazon.

To see the existing Amazon categories, search for categories on the Amazon store. Youll find them in the menu on the left side of the page underKindle Store Kindle eBooks(in the Kindle Store) orBooks(in the Books store)

Note:Categories can vary between marketplaces. The following table, titled Amazon categories, provides links to the paperback and eBook stores by marketplace where you can view the available categories.

From the stores menu, click on a category to expand the list and see applicable subcategories. Keep clicking on the subcategories until no more options appear underneath. In the example below, you can see the browse category is Kindle Store Kindle eBooks Arts & Photography Architecture Architects, A-Z. In this example, Architects A-Z is the most specific subcategory.

Some Kindle Store categories are restricted. Publishers cant enable them.

Childrens or teen and young adult categories

Want to list your book in the Childrens or Teen & Young Adult categories on , .uk, or If so, you must choose at least one Juvenile Category (BISAC Subject Code). Childrens categories are for books intended for children to read. For Childrens categories, youll need to set the minimum recommended reading age to 0 11 years old.

For Teen & Young Adult categories on and, set the minimum recommended reading age to 13 17 years old. For, set the minimum recommended reading age to 12 15 years. On and, titles with a Juvenile Category and a minimum recommended age of 12 may be categorized in Childrens or Teens. This depends on other information about the book. Keep in mind that an independent category will show for,,, and

Note: Teen & Young Adult categories and Children categories cannot be added together to the same book

Learn more aboutentering age and grade ranges.

Series categoriesWere regularly adding to the list of Series categories. However, were currently unable to accept requests for new Series categories. Check back later to see if the Series youre looking for was added to the list.

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