Best Sims 4 Fantasy Mods CC PackThe Ultimate Collection

Best Sims 4 Fantasy Mods CC Packs: The Ultimate Collection

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If youre playing a fantasy storyline for your TS4 Sims,orif you do a lot of fantasy-set photoshoots, whip out your mods folder and gird your lines.

Cause Ive got the mother-of-all fantasy-themed CC right here.

From CAS items that turn your Sim into a Satyr or Centaur, to three different options to build three different Sirens (or basically Sim-Sea-Creature hybrids), I did some exhaustive research for this one.

Because I enjoy fantasy like nobodys business and it was an absolute treat combining all this ideas into The Sims.

This CC piece is creative, genius, anddefinitelyone-of-a-kind.

I mean, everyones out here making stuff for vampires and werewolvesand mermaids(which, dont get me wrong, are just as awesome).

But what about the lesser-known woodland creatures?

You cant tell me Mr. Tumnus wasnt a huge part of your childhood.

Enter these unexpectedly fetching Satyr Legs by Natalia-Auditore.

Theyre well-designed, look genuinely like half-goat legs, and function as easy-to-donBottoms.

No crazy-complicated mods or extra sliders needed. Just download, pop into your mods folder, andboom. Enter CAS and slip them on like your Sims new favorite pair of jeans.

P.S. Since these Satyr legs are technically clothing items, you can assign them to a separate outfit set. This makes switching from satyr to non-satyr form as easy as hitting thatChange Outfitoption.

If it seems like Im plugging a lot of this particular creators work

I cant help it; they make some of the best fantasy/supernatural CC stuff for The Sims 4, hands-down.

If the Satyr Legs werent enough to convince you, maybe these Centaur bottoms will.

Because holy heckerooni, they make your Sims look likeactualcentaurs.

Maybe not in-game, since the centaur legs are technically Bottoms (like the satyr legs) and therefore wont actually follow proper horse-walking physics.

Your Sims will look freakingmajestic, I promise you.

The creator made versions for both Male and Female Sims, and they were even nice enough to throw in some bonus Centaur-warrior accessories (a leather chest piece, a quiver full of arrows, and a bow). Just in case you want to copy their centaur models in the preview photos.

Im bundling these two together in one item for this list, because they work insanely well togethereven though theyre from two different creators.

First is the flaming hotFire Genasi Skin Overlayby Zedrael. With coal-black with cracks of fiery magma peeking through.

Looks about asfire elementalas one would expect so, yes Im a fan.

Second is Zaneida The Sim 4sTentacles-Head-Fire hairstyle.

Tendrils of curling glowing fire crowning your Sims head. Its majestic, unique, and it kind of does look like its glowing in-game. Again, a total win.

I decided to play around with the CC items a bit by combining both of them on one Sim, anddamn. Its paying dividends. Look at my furious Fire Genasi in all her fiery glory.

It helps that the base of the hair is mostly black, really.

Otherwise I dont think it would have blended with the skin overlay as seamlessly.

You can use these pieces by themselves too, of course. I just thought itd be a great two-for-one by bundling them under the same general elemental creature category.

P.S.The eyes are also from Zaneida The Sims 4. They link it in their description of the hair, so feel free to check em out too!

If your strong warrior female wants to have her ownjokes on you; I am no man!moment, then might I recommend this little diamond in the rough?

The creator did the awesome job of converting an armor mod forThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivioninto a completely wearable one for The Sims 4!

Sure, weve got armor (costumes) in the vanilla game.

But theyre not quite on this level of badassery.

I mean, come on: its got chainmail underneath, finger-jointed gloves, and a shield. Im personally a big fan of the wicked-looking shoulder pads. And if youre a fan of Elder Scrolls stuff then youll love this crossover (and youll probably enjoya lot of the CC in this list too).

Just a heads up: the armor pieces are separate and scatteredall over CAS.

I highly recommend filtering every clothing section (Hats, Face Accessories, Body Accessories,etc.) to Custom Content only so you can find each piece.

Thankfully, the creator includes a cheatsheet of where each armor piece is located in CAS, so you can always check the description if youre stumped.

This mod introduces new portals to the Magic Realm, and they come in two forms:

A stone circle perpetually shrouded in mysterious mist, and an old twisted tree trunk that glitters.

I thought this was an absolute novel idea for two reasons.

One, its great if you want your Sim to travel to the Magic Realm using more natural-looking methods. Or if youd rather the gateway to the Magic Realm was a little more hidden.

I mean, a huge glowing door standing by a river isnt exactlysubtle. Its great if youre looking for it, but it makes no sense in a this is a secret realm sense. Townies jog past that thing at leastthreetimes a day.

(Is that why everyone in Glimmerbook is a spellcaster?)

Second reason: it allows other Sims to access the Magic Realmwithouthaving to move to Glimmerbrook.

It may be a one-way trip, but getting there is all you really need to do to jumpstart your Sims budding spellcaster career. So this way, they get to do it via some innocent looking stones or a casually glittering tree.

The Sims Medievalplayers should get ready for a burst of nostalgia.

Sims CC creator Valhallan went and extracted the mesh from the beloved 2011 Sims spin-off game to create this: a TS4-compatible outfit ofThe Champion.

Its crisp, clean, incredibly detailed, and honestly stunning in-game.

Absolutely perfect if youre doing a sort of medieval-fantasy storyline and you want different kinds of armor for different knights, fighters, warriors, and whatnot.

This conversion honestly does the original so much justice.

Everything from the chainmail collar to the thick-hide boots ison-point.

There are 7 color combinations/variations to choose from too. Plus, both Male and Female Sims can wear it!

Lets say your Sim is not so much of a heavy chain-mail, but more of a flexible worn-leather kind of guy/gal/non-binary pal.

Well Valhallans got you covered too.

This creator also extracted the mesh for theRogueoutfit fromThe Sims Medievalspin-off game, just like they did theChampion.

And just like that conversion, this conversion is on-point.

There are also 7 different colors combinations/variations for this outfit, and each option looks equally as good.

I will say that the different textures and minor details of this outfit really shine in The Sims 4. I turned Laptop Mode off just so I could really enjoy how it looked on my Sims and I was not disappointed.

Also, given the context (and name) of this outfit, its probably meant for leaner more acrobatic builds. But I slapped it on my broad-shouldered Male Sims, and they looked just fine.

If Luke Skywalker can stand broodingly on the edge of a cliff while his cloak whips around dramatically in the wind, then so can your Sim.

In fact, I think thats pretty much a staple of dramatic and/or brooding characters, no?

The windswept cloak hood optional.

And thats exactly what this piece of CC by Natalia-Auditore is: a heavy textured cloak with a hood that your Sim can wear to flavor their medieval-fantasy outfit.

If youre going to download and install theChampionorRogueoutfits by Valhallan, you might as well top it off with some practical draped finery.

There are four variations of the cloak, and38 colorsper variation.

Each variation has its own style and flavor, but the immediate difference is basically the size of the cloak and hood. One variation (my personal favorite) offers the cloak with the hood down for a more casual, approachable look.

If youre not familiar with theWorld of Warcraftgame (and related franchise), the length of these ears can be a little off-putting.

Ill admit that they were still a little jarring in-game too even though I knew what Id downloaded.

But if youre a WoW fan, or ifyou just want Elven earsthat break the mold (this is the category I fall under), these custom Night Elf ears by Valhallan are fantastic!

I got used to the length after a while and thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with different hairstyles to match the look.

Fun fact: they look great with thick, long hair. The ends poke out all majestic-like.

They do (at some angles) make your Sim look more Druin than Elf but its still a very cool look.

If youre going to make your Maiden (Sim) of Ice a crystal abode from where they can carry out their frosty rule, might as well go all out.

Severinkas icy furniture set contains two items. But theyre both pretty unique items that suit the throne room of a cunningly cold queen.

Ones a gorgeous ice throne with frozen tendrils branching out from the back (making it way more intimidating than it would be without).

The others a tall mirror pieced together from shattered shards of ice.

The effect is dangerously beautiful.

And if the ice throne and shard mirror (from the previous item) arent enough to decorate your Winter Witchs frozen fortress, heres a fresh dcor set from lunanelfeah that might interest you.

This pack contains 5 stunning decorative crystals, with each variation (save the fifth one) available in eight pretty colors.

Are they meant to be magical? The creator doesnt specifically say anything in the description, but I will say that the crystals have a lightmap that allows them to glow ever-so-slightly in dimmer light.

Because theyre multi-faceted and stand upright like stalagmites they could pass as ice crystals (especially if colored white or light blue).

But theyd also do fine decorating just about any other fantastical setting that calls for it (caves, alien worlds, crystal lands, etc.)

The fifth variation, which sort of looks like a swirly sundae in an egg cup, could pass as the egg of a dragon or mystical being.

Or you could pop multiples in different corners and just let its general mystic mysterious vibe do the work.

Another one from Natalia-Auditore here. And this is a unique creative concept that I honestly didnt realize could be done.

Animal companions as accessories? If you want them to be interactive, then maybe mods would be better for this.

But if you just want to take cool, fantasy-themed photos?

Whether your Sim is a druid with a loyal animal guide, a silent warrior of the woods, or even just an Elven ranger (because those guys always seem to have bird companions for sending messages), this Owl accessory isperfect.

Just take a look at the preview photos (and at my disgruntled Champion). The effect of this flightless computer-generated owl flying just over their shoulder is awesome.

Sure, the flying owl might be a little strange while playing (since its in perpetual suspended flight).

But the owl casually perched on the shoulder? That looks legit both in photos and in-game.

This is one of the CC CAS packs that got me excited.

Gossamerby Pyxis is a unique take on faeries that I didnt think Id see executed so well.

The creator wanted them to look less like the Tinkerbell/Ferngully-type tiny people (that Disney has set as the standard) and more like magical, sparkly, otherworldly insects.

With the right skintones, clothes, setting, build, and extra custom CAS items, the description of bug-like or insect-like fits to a T.

Sure, the airy wings and fairy dust are pretty normal.

But then you get to the custom compound, multi-faceted eyes and the antennae and you realize;Damn. Thats kinda different.

There are a total of 5 new CAS items in the pack: a pretty skin gradient (that acts kind of like blush), lipstick and lip highlights, compound bug eyes, two different antennae (moth or butterfly), and delicate gossamer wings.

Of the new stuff, my favorites are the eyes and antennae.

Theyre really unique and lookadorablein-game!

So this took a bit of digging, but I finally found out where the creator based this costume off of.

Its one of Alexstraszas (the Dragonqueen fromWorld of Warcraft) many armors.

Its her more (ahem) conservative one.

Although if Im looking at the photos right, she usually wears it in fiery blood-red.

But the preview photos sold me, and now I think I like it just as much in emerald green, too.

Backstory aside, this armor lookscrazyregal.

The extraction and conversion must have gone off without a hitch, because the detail is honestly fantastic. From the designs of the armbands to the massive epaulettes (which dont seem very practical, but were not awarding points for practicality here) to the fetching gold lines on the impressive chest piece its a lot.

Its a lot, and I honestly cant believe this kind of high-quality content is free.

Dont even get me started on the cloak and horns.

P.S.Its default style is Female, but Male Sims can wear this too.

The mushrooms in thisFantasy Forestset by Severinka_ kinda look like they belong in Wonderland or Neverland

Theyre loudly colorful and vibrantly pretty, with cushy-looking heads and shapes that look like they could comfortably seat little fluttering ankle-biters.

But thats what the creator advertises, and Im happy to say that it works.

The high saturation had me worried that theyd look a little too psychedelic. But my fears were unfounded. They look damn pretty in-game.

Whats more, Im happy the creator kept them small, as this does give the players options.

You can size them up to create a mystical forbidden forest (the kind where people get charmed into entering and disappear forever), or you can keep them at their default sizes for a more portable faerie forest. The latter makes it seem like your Sim is housing thumb-sized faeries (rent-free!) in their backyard.

As someone who is woefully unaware ofThe Witcherfranchise (never played the game, never watched the series), Im not 100% sure what the creator means by, Yes,thatunicorn.

Regardless, the stuffed unicorn is a great piece of Sims 4 taxidermy. And its a pretty genius way to get unicorns into your game without having to download a bunch of mods and sliders for Pets (I always have trouble installing mods that can turn my Sims dog into a beautiful, thoroughbred beast. No idea why. Maybe unicorns just werent meant for me).

The poses themselves aregorgeous, too.

Depending on what you dress your Sim up as, they can give off different vibes.

I mean, the poses in general look ethereal and dramatic. The model Sim in the creators photo looks very soft and elegant. Gives off mad friend-of-the-forest vibes.

I tried the poses with my armored-up Sim and got more of a renowned warrior chilling on the way to their next quest sort of look.

All depends on what youre going for, Id say.

Want to makeyour alien Simslook otherworldly?

RatboysimsStar Skin Skintones + Facepaintset is the answer.

This beautiful CAS set features 18 new skintones and 4 facepaint items that can let you create ethereal-looking Sims-from-the-stars.

You want diverse aliens? You get diverse aliens.

Because green-skinned Martians and blue-skinned space conquerors aresoearly 2000s.

This custom skin pack contains Eclipse skintones (which feature deep, dark, and rich colors), and Pluto skintones which offer brighter, vibrant, and more saturated hues.

Aside from the new skin, theres also the Cluster facepaint.

Its an overlay/Face Makeup item that adds a speckling of stars and tiny galaxies on your intergalactic Sims face. There are 4 different designs and 2 variations for each design: a faded option and a whiter, clearer, more obvious look.

I personally think the stars look divine on the darker Eclipse skintones. But that doesnt mean they cant look stunning on the Pluto skins, either.

Just look at the preview photo absolutely beautiful.

I think its so cool that Mermaid Sims have two forms they can jump in and out of, and that both forms can look drastically different.

In fact, I love how even the vanilla TS4 mermaids can look like sharks, sirens, and genuinely scary creatures of the deep (because not all Sims want to look like Ariel. Some want to look like the sirens of lorethe kind that eat men for dinner).

So if you want to make your half-fish-half-Sim a little fishier, these custom ears will make an awesome addition to your mods folder.

Theyre pretty, elegant, and they remind me of angelfish fins: dainty and delicate, but no less functional.

This CC set by tektri comes with two variations:BareandPierced.

The pierced ears look a little more wildly regal because of the jewelry, but the plain ears have that more natural charm (as natural as mermaids can be, anyway).

The creator made it so that theyll match your Sims skin, too. But its unclear whether itll work for custom skin or crazy recolors.

Theyve also included some optional (but helpful) CC that you can use if your human!Sim ears are poking through the Siren ones. All are linked in their description!

If tekrisSiren Earsare a little too obvious for your Siren!Sim, how about something that can pass as a tattoo? Or body paint?

Because thats what these scales are, CAS-wise.

Theyre cosmetic, full-body scales that work as either Tattoos or Face Makeup, and they make your Sim look like an enchanting half-human beauty from the sea.

The scales are beautiful, subtle, shimmery skin details that lookfantasticon dark skintones (as you can see in the preview photo).

And trust me, they look just as stunning (if not different) on lighter complexions.

I placed purple scales over my light-blue-skinned Siren!Sim, and the effect was too pretty.

The creator included different .package files for download, as the scales can be applied as eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, or facepaint.

Really depends on what other cosmetics you plan to mix it with.

But make sure you download the tattoo .package file alongside the other .package file of your choice, as the scales need the tattoo version to work.

If you want to up and throw subtlety out the window, thats okay too.

Just go full-on Creature of the Deep and let the public deal.

Again, this custom costume is by the awesome Natalia-Auditoreone of my go-to Sims CC creators for all things fantastical, medieval, and beautiful.

ThisFish Kingcostume blends tekrisSiren Earsand weepingsimmersNenps Fish Scalesto create a spiky, spiny, and scaly fish-human hybrid with fins, feet, and a whole lotta chutzpah.

This one of a kind costume has beautiful color combinations, great detailing, and beautiful in-game execution.

Theres an elegance and danger to it. The kind that can only thrive in the unexplored depths of the sea.

Definitely chilling, but in a beautiful way.

Pop these on a couple of townies to really spice up Sulani life.

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