72 Best System Novels

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my list of theto read. Ill be putting the best system novels that everyone should read on this list.

If you dont know whatSystemis. The system is essentially what the character in the novel receives, and they can level up by doing certain tasks. In novels, the main character may be granted a special system that differs from the usuallevel-up system. The main character with such a unique system is called System Administrator.

Where the Main character gains access to an admin system that allows them to have more control/abilities than regular people and people that have the non-admin system.

Almost always together with the level system tag.

Here are the things you need to note. I have divided the systems into the following categories.

21 Modern Day Harem Novel with Overpowered Main Character

Read on WebnovelCooking Level System.

-Most of its focus is on cooking but has a decent romance.

It explores the mind of people such as those who are mentally ill, people plagued by bad memories, the insane, and the normal.

It has many light-hearted scenes alongside many horror scenes which are pretty disturbing. do not read in the dark or at 3 am.

Read on WuxiaWorldComedy + Cultivation + Harem

Level System, Transmigration, Smart Main Character, Best Action, and Adventure

Read on WebnovelComedy, Shameless Main Character, Cultivation, Harem

Read on Webnovel-Comedy + Cultivation

Read FanTranslation-Universal System, Survival

Read on WebnovelBusiness System, Comedy

Read on RoyalRoad-Universal Levelling System

Level System, Dungeon and Survival, Overpowered Main Character

Read on WebnovelMedical System

-Seems like a well-researched novel, but I cannot confirm.

-A regular medical student gets a medical system that helps him achieve unseen heights in the profession of being a doctor.

Read on Webnovel-Similar toWarlock of Magus World

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