30 Fantasy Genre Vocabulary Words Definitions

What are examples of fantasy genre vocabulary words?

Fantasy genre vocabulary words can aid in establishing the fantasy atmosphere of a novel. If you are writing a fantasy novel, employing words exclusive to the fantasy genre is a must.

In this article, we will be taking an extensive look at 30 of the best fantasy vocabulary words to employ in your own fantasy writing.

Definition:a function or procedure that makes something different in a mystical or grandiose manner

Potential Uses:The word alchemy is used to enhance the magic system of a novel, providing a unique and original word to use other than magic.

Definition: a charm etched with a peculiar sort of magical spell to ward off evil

Potential Uses:An amulet grants certain characters plot armor. It is also commonly used as a sense of misdirection to convince the reader that the character is safe when in actuality they are in danger.

Definition:an individual learning a particular craft under the tutelage of a skilled master

Potential Uses:Using the word apprentice is especially useful in fantasy stories where the predominant theme is coming of age. The end of the apprenticeship of a protagonist commonly marks the end of their adolescence.

Definition:a sizable, fortified construction

Potential Uses:Castles are effective in establishing the fantasy ambience, particularly in a medieval setting.

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Potential Uses:The word cauldron is routinely utilized as a tool to promote the magic system. It provides a means to formulate magical concoctions and potions.

Potential Uses:Employing the word chalice rather than cup is a trivial detail that bolsters the atmosphere of a medieval setting.

Definition:progeny of a fairy, elf, troll or other fantasy being exchanged for a child.

Potential Uses:A changeling is a specific label that will identify a specific fantasy species. Readers like to have original terms in their fantasy novels. This is a possible term that can be used to provide that originality.

Definition:existent solely as the result of a hyperactive, imaginative mind

Potential Uses:The word chimerical is commonly employed to convey denial or disbelief in fantasy. Happening upon fantasy creatures can cause characters to believe it is a fault of an overactive imagination. The character could consider the fantasy beings to be chimerical.

Definition:to call for by the means of enchantment

Potential Uses:The word conjure is an eloquent way to describe the act of magic in fantasy novels. Rather than simply saying the character used magic, conjure is a strong substitute.

Definition:a summon for harm to happen upon someone or something; evil that occurs seemingly as an act of punishment

Potential Uses:A curse is a useful plot device in fantasy novels to bring about suffering on a particular character. Whether this curse is real or simply a figment of the characters imagination is up to you.

Definition:a creature that is a definitive source of evil

Potential Uses:Demons can comprise a set of antagonistic beings that hinder the protagonist on their quest or journey. Enemy henchman typically have a specific label under which they fall under. The term demons is a viable option.

Definition:a gargantuan, winged, lizard-like creature that breathes fire

Potential Uses:Dragons are a staple of epic fantasy novels. They serve as major weapons for both protagonists and antagonists alike. Dragons pull the reader out of reality and lure them into engrossing themselves into the story.

Definition:a small, manlike being that inhabits the deep Earth or the mountains

Potential Uses:Dwarves are an archetypical fantasy species that reinforce the fictional setting of a novel. It adds diversity to the fantasy ambience. It is a simple twist to reality that is not too overly complex for the reader to comprehend.

Definition:perennial beings that possess magical capabilities

Potential Uses:Elves are another archetypical fantasy species that fulfill a particular dynamic in a fantasy novel. Being perpetual and magical, the possibilities are nearly endless as to what part in the story a writer wants them to play.

Potential Uses:Horses are the predominant means of transportation in fantasy genre. Thus, the term equestrian adds a bit of spice to a fantasy novel and offers a feasible substitution for repeatedly using the word horse.

Definition:a legendary tale that incorporates otherworldly happenings

Potential Uses:Fables are a strong technique of explaining the origins of a particular aspect of a fantasy story. Fables also leave it up to the reader to determine whether the tale is true or false.

Definition:a small, mythical spirit somewhat resembling a human that possesses magical capabilities

Potential Uses:Fairies have an inclination toward trickery. Fairies are typically utilized to lure characters in and outmaneuver them in some way. Thus, they serve as convenient obstacles to protagonists.

Definition:an ugly mythical creature that has a tendency toward mischievousness and evil

Potential Uses:Goblins are another established fantasy archetype. They are typically illustrated in a negative light. Therefore, they can be powerful antagonists as they provide a graphic visual to the reader of who the bad guys are.

Definition:a memento of personal importance

Potential Uses:A keepsake reminds a character of their origins. Keepsakes are a valuable way to trigger flashbacks in a fantasy novel and dig deeper into the past of a particular character.

Definition:the collective traditions and knowledge of a fantasy world

Potential Uses:Lore provides depth to a fantasy world, hinting at a time beyond the present setting. Incorporating bits of lore into a fantasy novel grants realism to the fictional setting.

Definition:the magical art of corresponding with the dead to influence future events

Potential Uses:Necromancy adds an additional layer to the magic system of a fantasy world. It is also a practical tool for foreshadowing future plot events.

Potential Uses:Pixies are another archetypical fantasy creature that adds layers to the fictional setting. Pixies can be allies or enemies. This presents an intriguing element of unpredictability to a novel.

Definition:an individual that is able to express the future in advance

Potential Uses:The main advantage of incorporating a seer into the fantasy work is the element of foreshadowing. Seers also confuse the reader. With seers revealing the future to the characters, will it impact these predictions? Or is it all calculated into their predictions?

Definition:an individual who employs their magic powers with the intent of governing events

Potential Uses:Shamans are known for their healing powers and communication with the divine. For this reason, they are useful characters to assist the protagonist if they get severely hurt or need access to conversing with the gods.

Definition:one who can foretell future events by the means of magic

Potential Uses:Soothsayers are another term to use instead of seer or prophet. Again, these types of characters are powerful devices in foreshadowing.

Definition:an individual that possesses magical capabilities

Potential Uses:The term sorcerer is a specific label to distinguish someone with magical powers. It can serve as a useful substitute for wizard or magician.

Definition:a charm that wards off evil

Potential Uses:This is essentially another word for amulet. A talisman can be another unique device in a fantasy magic system.

Definition:a mythical giant that takes up residence in caves

Potential Uses:Trolls typically serve as the more formidable henchmen of an enemy protagonist. If you want to add a bit of flair to your fantasy antagonists, trolls may be something you should consider.

Definition:leading section of an army

Potential Uses:A vanguard is a descriptive term to use in fantasy battle. It draws the line between an army and no mans land. Vanguard is extremely useful in describing combat scenes.

Definition:an individual that is loyal to a medieval lord

Potential Uses:A vassal is an exclusive term to medieval times. Using the term vassal sinks the medieval setting into the reader. It is also a specific term to describe where a character falls on the medieval social hierarchy.

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