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Global Grey is a one-woman operation that has been running for over ten years. I format every single e-book myself, as well as maintaining the website. This is a passion project that was born from a love for reading and a commitment to make free e-books that look good and feel enjoyable to read.

I use sources such as Project Gutenberg, , and sometimes my own book collections. These texts serve as a foundation, and then public domain artwork is added to create a cover. Next comes editing and formatting for digital devices - either PDF, epub, or Kindle format. And voila, the process is complete.

Look around and start exploring. I hope you have fun finding your next favourite read!

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The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses

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Clarissa, Or, The History of a Young Lady

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Currently, Global Grey has over 2,000 free e-books ranging from classic literature to occult books, psychology, folklore, and everything in-between. But there are so many books out there, Im sure there are a few I havent discovered yet!

So, dont see something you like? Looking for a very specific book? I take requests! Just tell me what book you are after, and I will do my best to find it and add the text to the digital collection.

Global Grey is an ongoing project. That means I am constantly updating the online library. While some of the books take a long time to format, that doesnt stop me. My site is maintained on a daily basis, and you can typically see new books added each week as well.

I love keeping the readers spirit alive and providing e-books at no cost to you. However, I cannot do it without your support. Each donation contributes to the upkeep of Global Grey. Please considerleaving a small giftto help me create more e-books for your enjoyment.